10,000 Revolutionary Guards cross the Iraqi border, force Kurdish villagers out of their homes

Following resumption of shelling of Iraqi Kurdistan by mullahs’ regime and the al-Arabia Television’s report about the border crossing and invasion by the Revolutionary Guards into the Iraqi territory, Iraqi media reported that 10,000 Iranian regime’s armed forces crossed the international borders and forced the people in Iraq’s northern villages to leave their homes.

The Iraqi al-Rafedain Television reported: “The Iranian regime has resumed bombing the border regions of Chouman in the Iraqi Province of Erbil. Witnesses said 10,000 Iranian soldiers have penetrated into Iraq. The armed forces of that regime used shells and mortars   in these attacks and forced residents of the region to leave their homes.”

The al-Rafedain TV added: “The Iranian regime’s forces have recently established about 50 military posts and checkpoints and continue their road-making activities in those mountainous areas.”

The Iranian Resistance condemned shelling of Iraqi Kurdistan and invasion of Iraq by the clerical regime’s Revolutionary Guards and forceful expulsion of people in Iraqi Kurdistan’s villages from their homes and called on the international community, especially the United Nations Security Council to condemn these criminal acts and to confront the aggressions and anti-human crimes of the mullahs’ regime.

As a reminder, recently, Danaifar, Iranian regime’s ambassador in Iraq admitted to the shelling of Iraqi Kurdistan and brazenly claimed that these criminal aggressions are done in coordination with the Iraqi officials. This is while despite Maliki government’s silence and inaction, Iraq’s Parliament, political factions, and patriotic forces of Iraq have strongly condemned the clerical regime’s attacks as “aggression against Iraq’s Sovereignty.”

On Sunday, the al-Sabah Daily reported that the U.S. Military in Iraq announced: We are ready to participate in stopping the shelling of border regions by Iranian regime. General Jeffrey Buchanan, spokesman of the U.S. Military in Iraq said: The Iranian regime must respect Iraq’s national sovereignty.



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