Activists’ jail terms lengthened


An Iranian appeals court has approved new sentences for three prominent student activists who are already serving out earlier sentences.

Daneshjoo News reports that Bahraeh Hedayat, Majid Tavakoli and Mehdieh Golrou will now be serving longer sentences, after the appellate court confirmed their latest sentencing by Judge Maghiseh.

Bahreh Hedayat will now serve an extra six months, bringing her full sentence to 10 years in jail. Majid Tavakoli will serve eight and a half years, and Mehdieh Golrou, who was supposed to be released later this month, must now remain in jail until next May.

On this latest occasion, the three activists were summoned before court for having issued an announcement of solidarity and resistance on Iranian National Students Day last December. They were charged with “propaganda against the regime and collusion against national security.”

The three were admonished by Judge Maghiseh to recant their joint statement, which they refused to do.

The three activists were previously arrested in the crackdown on protesters following the controversial presidential elections of 2009.



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