Bahai Student Sara Mahboubi Again Arrested

April 10, 2011

Sara Mahboubi, a Bahai student forbidden to study, was arrested for the second time this year on the morning of April 9, 2011 and transferred to the Sari Detention Center. According to the report from the Anti-Academic Discrimination Group, Ministry of Intelligence agents in Sari arrested Sara Mahboubi after searching her father’s home and confiscating some books, handwritten papers, CDs and a computer.

This Bahai student was arrested on June 24, 2010 after visiting the Investigations Office at the Ministry of Intelligence in Sari. After 24 days, on July 18, 2010, she was released on bail from the Sari Detention Center. Mahboubi’s arrest happened when, on Thursday April 7, 2011, her lawyer was notified of the initial court verdict for Mahboubi to spend “…ten months in solitary confinement”. One of the crimes mentioned in Ms. Mahboubi’s verdict was “…being a member of an anti-Revolutionary page on Face-book”.  Additionally, the Sari Court summoned Ms. Mahboubi via telephone to court to receive her verdict. However, she refused because the summons was made via telephone.



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