Basij Commander: “Gaza victory second wave of Islamic Awakening”

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Naqdi said, “The victory of Palestinian resistance marks the second wave of Islamic Awaking in the region. Nations realize more than ever before that they need to come onto the stage and exhaust all their power and capacities… The heroic nation of Lebanon and the Gaza Strip gallantly stood up and the people of Syria have performed their obligation through their intelligence and maintaining the resistance front. Today it is the Egyptian people’s turn to complete the task, and they also have taken major steps.” Naqdi added that the ultimate defeat of the Israeli regime would depend on the alertness and further awakening in the West Bank and Jordan, urging the people there to play their “historical role” in the liberation of Palestine.
Naqdi criticized the Turkish government for arming the insurgents in Syria, but failing to provide practical support the Palestinian resistance against Israel.

Source: Iran Daily Brief

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