Brigadier General Mohammad Reza (Ali) Zahedi

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza (Ali) Zahedi

Former commander of the IRGC Ground Forces

Iran Briefing : Brigadier General Mohammad Reza (Ali) Zahedi was exclusively in charge of providing security in the capital Tehran.

Brigadier General Zahedi is one of the top commanders of the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) from the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War. During the war with Iraq, he first led a group, then a battalion, and finally the 14th Imam Hossein Brigade of Esfahan.

He was also commander of the IRGC Ground Forces from 2005 to 2008. During this period, Zahedi was also Commander of the Sarallah Brigade which was responsible for cracking down against popular protests and uprisings in Tehran.

He is reported to have been stationed in the Syria’s capital Damascus.

In 2008 he was sent to Syria as an IRGC commander. Following the unrest and popular protests against Bashar Assad regime, a team under Zahedi’s command (backed by anti-demonstration expeditionary forces) was dispatched to Syria. Some other Basij forces and IRGC commanders with operational, field, and leadership experience from past crackdowns in Tehran were sent to the Syrian-based division of the IRGC to help the Assad government confront the popular protests. Some commanders have been temporarily stationed in Syria while others are stationed permanently.


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