Calls for expelling Iran’s intelligence operates in EU parliament

Calls for expelling Iran’s intelligence operates in EU parliament

Iran’s intelligence operates in EU parliament

The Iranian regime’s intelligence operatives have been used to implement its terrorist activities, including monitoring the leadership and members of the Iranian resistance. Part of those efforts include assassinations and attempts to disrupt gatherings of resistance members.

Calls for expelling Iran’s intelligence operates in EU parliament
Calls for expelling Iran’s intelligence operates in EU parliament

With the latest efforts to plot a terrorist attack in Paris being thwarted, the regime is now being faced with the consequences of its actions. France has initiated sanctions against members of the regime and organizations backed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), due in part to its increasing terror efforts.

As a result, MEPs from the leading members of the European Parliament are calling for the blacklisting of Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) for its role in international terrorism and the threat they pose to Iranian resistance members throughout Europe.

Statement calling for blacklist of Iran MOIS

In a statement released earlier this week, ten leading members of the European Parliament noted that the Iranian MOIS for their role in international terrorism and their threats to resistance leaders should result in their removal from the European Union.

One Iranian diplomat is now awaiting trial in Germany, while in Albania, the regime’s agents posed as journalists trying to gain access to Iranian refugees and members of the Iranian resistance. These are just two examples of the activities of MOIS agents in Europe.

“The new wave of terrorism reflects the regime’s inability to deal with a nationwide uprising that began in late 2017 and has continued to date. Tehran blames the PMOI for organizing the protests and strikes,” said the statement. “The aim is to portray the opposition as an insular and dangerous sect, which would be worse than the current regime if it were to assume power in Iran.”

Ways to counteract the regime

In addition to addressing the issues related to the MOIS agents in Europe, the MEPs laid out several ways to counteract the activities of the Iranian regime in the EU.

The first is to place the Iranian Intelligence Ministry on the European Union’s terrorism list, as well as the U.S. Foreign Terrorist Organizations list, which would mean their activities would be restricted in these nations.

Additionally, they called for all MOIS agents to be expelled from the European Union’s member states, essentially cutting off their access to Europe. Finally, the MEPs noted that the Iranian intelligence personnel need to have their visas revoked and no new visas are to be granted.

Source: The Media Express

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