Elections of 2009 was only an excuse, the goal was to overthrow the regime

June 5, 2011

Government-run Fars News Agency reported on June 3rd that Shariatmadari, the Spiritual Leader’s representative in Keyhan daily said: “The story of 2009 crisis has long roots and the presidential elections was just an excuse, because the plotters’ move was pre-organized and their goal was to overthrow the regime.”

Shariatmadari added: “Today, the enemies’ main arrows are pointed at the Spiritual Leader who is the focus of power, and we must have vision and be alert in facing our enemies’ conspiracy.”

In similar statements, Javad Larijani, Khamenei’s apologist said: “In the 2009 crisis, they were on surface concerned with the presidential elections, but in reality, they were against the regime itself and tried to overthrow…our regime



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