Execution of six in Orumieh and suppression of prisoners in Kerman


The clerical regime, in continuing the wave of repression and increasing executions, has executed 6 others in Orumieh prison on Monday October 10.

The names of six victims who were hanged on Monday are: Farhad Islam-Doust, Mohammad Jangali, Jamal Sheikh-Zadeh, Farhad Khalkeh, Reza Khalkeh, and Dehghan Salamati.

In addition, the Iranian regime has tortured the prisoners in groups and in front of each other to create fear and intimidation.

The regime’s tortures took 12 prisoners out of the ward and transferred them to the prison’s information office. They forced the prisoners to go through the guards who were equipped with plastic batons and sticks.

While passing through the tunnel of guards, the prisoners were beaten and injured by the blows of the guards’ batons and sticks. The prisons’ deputy, Ali Ameri, and The prison’s information chief, Akbar Shahabi, ordered and supervised these brutal actions.



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