Increased executions, arrests, and inhumane treatments of the prisoners to prevent popular uprising

Fearing social uprisings, the clerical dictatorship has intensified atrocious raids on neighborhoods and houses and has increased the arrests of the youth and women, and is terrorizing the society by sharply increasing the number of death sentences.

According to state-run Asre Iran, at about midnight last night, regime’s suppressive forces raided several neighborhoods of Tehran and arrested 102 people including 5 women. They treated the arrested individuals inhumanely and severely beat them.

Sajedinia, commander of the regime suppressive forces in Tehran described these raids as the second phase of the “neighborhood-centered security plan” and said: “The judiciary will deal with these people harshly,” government-run Fars News Agency reported on July 5.

Sajedinia threatened: “In upcoming nights, the thugs and hoodlums will be dealt with harshly.” Yesterday, Sajedinia had banned women’s entry into the teashops and coffeshops.



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