Iran’s Arabs protest against the regime for 7th day despite brutal repression

Despite all the repressive measures to crush the uprising of Iran’s Arabs in Khuzestan, last night, for the seventh consecutive night, not only many cities and regions of Khuzestan witnessed the angry protesters, but people and the youth in several other cities and provinces protested in solidarity with the people of Khuzestan.

On Wednesday night, July 21, Ahvaz, Susangerd, Masjed Soleyman, Mahshahr, Shadegan, Izeh, Shooshtar, Dezful, Shush Daniel, Elahi, Khowr-e Musa, Behbahan, Mollasani, and Darkhovin witnessed mass protests and demonstrations. The regime’s repressive measures, such as sending IRGC thugs from other areas to Khuzestan, including 30 percent of Khorramabad’s special forces, special units and plainclothes agents, water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray, and finally opening firing on demonstrators and cutting off the Internet, failed to prevent the youths and protesters, outraged by four decades of the mullahs’ crimes and plunder, from rising up.

Last night, there were severe clashes and skirmish between the suppressive forces and the rebellious youth in Izeh. Dozens of protesters were wounded when the regime forces opened fire. To prevent the wounded from being arrested, people did not take the wounded to the hospitals and treated them at home. Last night, in different parts of Ahvaz and Susangerd, fierce clashes continued between the State Security Force (SSF), special units, plainclothes agents, and the protesters.

Iran’s Arabs chanted, “Death to the dictator,” “Tanks, guns, Khamenei die,” “People want regime change in Iran,” “Iranians die, but they will not accept humiliation,” “Shame on you Khamenei, let go with the power” and “Bakhtiari and Arabs, let’s unite.” Defiant youths blocked the entrance of the cities by burning tires and erecting barricades before the demonstrations began to prevent repressive forces from coming in.

The recent protests, which have continued for a week, have severely shocked the authorities. In tandem with oppressive measures, they try to portray a popular image of themselves. Khamenei, who was targeted by outraged chants, reposted his deceitful remarks on Instagram to evade responsibility.

“Officials are tasked to follow up Khuzestan’s problems. If someone thinks about the people, they cannot remain comfortable versus the hard issues in Khuzestan. This is a definite, urgent, and ongoing task of governments to think about the people,” Khamenei posted.

On the other hand, the government continues oppressive measures and dispatches more riot forces to the region. Authorities also disrupted mobile internet to prevent leaking more information about Khuzestan protests and pave the path for more suppression.

In solidarity with the Khuzestan uprising, last night demonstrations and rallies were held in Tehran, Yazdanshahr (Isfahan), Mahdasht (Karaj), Rasht, Bushehr, Bandar Ganaveh, Jarrahi, and Lordegan, during which people chanted “Khuzestan is not alone.” In the city of Chamran, demonstrators set fire to an SSF kiosk.

Source: Iran Focus
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