Iran is funding terrorism in Syria

Iran is funding terrorism and massacres being perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, a member of the Syrian opposition has told a conference held at the Geneva offices of the United Nations.

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Dr. Haitham Maleh, Iran is funding terrorism in Syria

Dr Haitham Maleh, president of the legal section of the Syrian coalition, the democratic opposition to the Syria’s dictatorship, accused Iran of helping fund the murders of up to 250,000 Syrian civilians since the conflict began.

He said: “The mullahs’ regime has paid the Syrian regime $12 billion dollars cash and pays them $500 million monthly and sends forces, ammunitions and weapons for them.

“The IRGC commander is leading the conflicts in Syria. They have brought in 27 organizations including Hezbollah of Lebanon, Iraqi armed groups, Houthis in Yemen, Pakistanis and Afghans which now number 60,000. They are fighting beside the Syrian regime.”

Dr Maleh added: “The Syrian people are facing a defenceless world. Of course, the people of Syria have light weapons but they don’t have planes, missiles and tanks but they are resisting and fighting with perseverance. 250,000 civilians have been killed in Syria so far.

“We have one million people who are under the siege and are facing the risk of death through starving.”

He said 2,082 massacres had been carried out, including the deaths of 12,077 women and 12,186 children. There are also 300,000 prisoners in Syrian regime’s prisons, Dr Maleh told the conference.

Representative of the Syrian opposition added: “Most of schools in Syria have been destroyed. Half of the hospitals and clinics have been demolished. There are 4,072 destroyed schools. There are 2.8 million children who are out of school. Three million children are out of Syria. 5.5 million children are in need of support and 4.3 million from them are inside Syria. 1.2 million children are among the refugees as well.

“The statistics are horrible. We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe in Syria. There are three million destroyed houses. Ten million Syrians are displaced. Children are starving to death, without food and milk. Where is the international community? Where is the United Nations? Where is the Human Rights Council?”

And he said of Iran: “The regime put the so-called ISIS in front lines. ISIS is influenced by the regime. The regime released fundamentalist inmates from prisons to lead a war against the Syrian people.

“Respecting the Human Rights Council and respecting the international community, I ask them from this podium to immediately interfere. If they don’t, this revolution and this situation in Syria will burn the whole region.”

Mohammad Hossein Kadah, Deputy Chair of the Syrian National Coalition, also told the conference: “The photos that one of the officers by the name of Qaisar has leaked out of the prison and has documented the execution of more than 11,000 tortured prisoners, is a shocking sample of the scope of barbaric crimes that Assad’s forces are committing on the citizens in regime’s prisons and dungeons.

Addressing the international community on the current situation in Syria he said: “Torture and crime is taking place in Syria but the international community still hesitates. They are divided in their statements and are unable to end these violations.

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