Iran playing major role in Aleppo carnage, new report says

Iran playing major role in Aleppo carnage, new report says


Outrage over the carnage in Aleppo has so far been directed at Moscow and Damascus, but activists on the ground say Tehran has a top general on the scene and has established secret camps where Iraqi mercenaries are trained to root out rebels in the Syrian city.

Iran playing major role in Aleppo carnage, new report says
Iran playing major role in Aleppo carnage, new report says

According to information provided to, the forces currently controlling the city of Aleppo are under the command of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The military outfit under its command includes foreign mercenaries such as Lebanese Hezbollah, Iraqi militias, and also the Shiite fighters of the Liwa Fatemiyoun from Afghanistan and the Liwa Zainebiyoun from Pakistan.

On Tuesday, foreign and defense ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey discussed the future of Syria and the city of Aleppo at talks in Moscow, Turkish and Russian officials said. A Turkish official said the meeting was held to “understand the views of all three sides, laying out where we all stand and discuss where we go from here.”

The meeting was further evidence of Iran’s emerging role in Syria, both during the ongoing civil war and the expected aftermath.

According to reports received by the opposition to the Iranian regime, the number of IRGC forces and its hired hands in Aleppo and the surrounding area has reached 25,000, while the number of military personnel from Assad’s army is very limited.

“This report leaves no doubt that the Iranian regime is the primary obstacle to any solution in Syria,” Shahin Gobadi, spokesman for the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) told “The current situation in Aleppo and the role of the Iranian regime in the atrocities committed on the ground require the immediate expulsion of the IRGC and its mercenaries from Syria. By meddling in other countries the mullahs try to cover up their vulnerability at home. The survival of the [Iranian] regime has been intertwined with maintaining the Assad dictatorship in power in Syria.”

The reports, which were obtained by the NCRI and its sister organization People’s Mujahedin of Iran (MEK), state that the commander of the Quds Force – as IGRC units operating outside Iran are known – in Aleppo is Brigadier General Javad Ghafari, who is described as the right-hand man of the Revolutionary Guard’s commander-in-chief, Qassem Soleimani, who has been referred to as the architect of Iran’s role in Russian operations in Syria.

Ghafari was a commander in the Iran-Iraq war and has been in charge of the military forces around Aleppo and the northern front in Syria for three years. He was recently promoted to field commander of all IRGC forces in Syria.

A few months ago, he and Soleimani met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, who praised him during the pow-wow.

Recent intel reports suggest that the Quds Force has deployed mercenaries form a coalition of ten Iraqi groups known collectively as Hashd al-Sha’abi, which is comprised of mostly Shiite groups like Badr and al-Nojba, which has a number of permanent bases in Syria including one close to Damascus International Airport.

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