Iranian IRGC militia under strike for third day in Syria

The White House authorized airstrikes on an Iranian IRGC facility in an effort to stop attacks on American forces in Syria. More rockets have been fired in retaliation by the local militias.

For the third day in a row, American military planes attacked Iranian IRGC militia sites in eastern Syria on Thursday as commanders attempted to quell a fresh wave of assaults on US positions there.

President Joe Biden asked for alternatives early last week to handle attacks on American troops by groups affiliated with the Iranian IRGC, according to a senior US source on Wednesday.

The US military acknowledged Tuesday night assaults on infrastructure assets used by groups affiliated with the IRGC, according to the US Central Command (CENTCOM).

The assaults were in reprisal for strikes by the IRGC militia on US soldiers in Syria on August 15.

A senior administration official told Al Arabiya English on Tuesday, August 16, that the US’s response to the event was discussed in the Oval Office.

Biden was notified by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan while the decisions were being thought through during the preceding week and the weekend.

US officials have emphasized that the US will continue to safeguard US citizens and prevent Iran, the Iranian IRGC, and its militia from doing anything that endangers their safety, notwithstanding Washington and Tehran’s progress toward a nuclear agreement.

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