Iranian regime only allows for internet users to use dial-up

RadioZamaneh-The Iranian Statistics Centre says 84 percent of the country’s internet users still use the dial-up method to connect to the web.

Iran’s Media News reports that only about 13 percent of Iranian internet users have access to high-speed internet, and there is no information regarding the remaining three percent.

The report also indicates that from a population of 75 million, only 11 million Iranians use the Web. Tehran, Mazandaran and Esfahan have the highest number of internet users, and Sistan-Baluchistan in the south east has the least.

The report also indicates that 58.1 percent of the users are male and 41.9 percent are women.

In terms of internet speed, Iran ranks 164 out of 170 countries, and Media News says Iranians have the most expensive Internet service in the world when price is calculated relative to speed, quality and download capacities.

Iranian internet users consistently complain about their slow internet speed and service disruptions, but Iranian authorities have not acknowledged the problems.

Iranian authorities do, however, block hundreds of websites and have also announced plans to establish a “clean internet” which would not allow access to obscene and inappropriate websites.

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