Isa Faridi sentenced to 5 yeas in prison


In a court session last week branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court presided by Judge Salavati handed down the verdict for Isa Farid. This citizen will face 5 years behind bars, plus a $40,000 fine and 30 lashes.

According to Kaleme, Faridi was arrested in June 2009 during the mass arrests and harsh crackdowns on citizens that took place following the protests against the disputed presidential elections. Faridi was detained at his office at work and transferred to Evin’ ward 2A, which is under the supervision of the Revolutionary Guards (IRCG).

Faridi endured 110 days in solitary confinement in the notoriously harsh 2A ward before he was released with a heavy bail of close to $310,000.

He was acquitted of some of the charges against him, and no decision was handed down on other charges that will up for review in the future.

Isa Faridi has been involved in various areas of commerce including construction and the Ministry of Oil.



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