Jailed activist Hoda Saber dies after hunger strike


GVF — Imprisoned Iranian journalist and political activist Hoda Saber has died in prison after going on hunger strike, opposition website Kaleme reported.

According to the website, Saber, who had been arrested after the disputed 2009 presidential election, died of cardiac complications after being transferred from Evin prison to Tehran’s Modarres hospital. Kaleme said that Saber’s heart complication had been induced by his hunger strike in prison.

“Doctors at Moderres hospital believe that the cause of death was his hunger strike in addition to the prison officials’ indifference in taking him to hospital in time.”

Hoda Saber, along with fellow imprisoned activist Amir Khosro Dalir-Sani, had gone on hunger strike to protest the tragic death of Iranian activist Haleh Sahabi at her father’s funeral.

Haleh died on 1 June at the funeral of her father and prominent dissident figure Ezzatollah Sahabi, after being attacked by security forces monitoring the ceremony.

The two hunger strikers began their show of protest on 2 June without making any personal demands and in the hope that such heartbreaking episodes would never occur again.

Saber’s death coincides with the second anniversary of the rigged 2009 presidential election that saw Ahmadinejad re-elected.



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