Mahboubeh Karami’s Prison Sentence Due to Begin

MONDAY, 16 MAY 2011

HRANA News Agency – On Sunday, May 15, 2011, Mahboubeh Karami was summoned to prison to begin serving her sentence.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), following a summon issued last week, Mahboubeh Karami must report to Evin prison within three days to begin serving her jail term.


Mahboubeh Karami has been charged with membership in the organization known as Human Rights Activists in Iran, propaganda against the regime, and “involvement and conspiracy with the intent to commit crimes against national security.”  Judge Movahed presiding over the appeals court, Branch 45, sentenced her to three years in prison.  In the lower court, Mahboubeh Karami was initially sentenced to four years in prison by Judge Peerabasi.


On March 2, 2010, Mahboubeh Karami was arrested in her house during a raid by the IRGC Intelligence Unit following an orchestrated conspiracy by Iran’s Intelligence Agency to build cases against human rights activists and particularly current and former members of the organization known as Human Rights Activists in Iran.


Mahboubeh Karami suffered physically and mentally during her incarceration but was eventually released on August 14, 2010, after posting a bail approximately equivalent to $500,000.


Currently, amongst other victims of this conspiracy still locked up in Evin prison are Abolfazel Abedini (sentenced to 12 years in prison), Mehdi Khodahi (sentenced to a total of 7 years in prison) and Laleh Hassanpour (sentenced to one year in prison and 4 years of suspended term).


Additionally, a number of other human rights activists including Nasour Naghipour who has been sentenced to 7 years in prison are waiting for the Appeals Courts to hear and review their cases.







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