More than 200 unarmed Iranian protesters killed by IRGC & police

Iranian police and paramilitary enforcers have killed more than 185 Iranian protesters since unrest erupted against the regime last month, according to a human rights group.

Iran Human Rights says at least 19 of those killed have been children. Unrest has spread across the country for weeks following the death of Amini, who suffered severe injuries while in the custody of Iran’s morality police. Iranian protesters have set fire to the police station and even killed pro-government enforcers as they demand an end to the Islamist regime.

IHR states that police killings have taken place in 17 provinces across Iran, but the violence has been heaviest in Sistan and Baluchistan in the country’s southeast.

The Iranian regime denies responsibility for Amini’s death, claiming that she collapsed of her own accord while in police custody.

Morality police first arrested the woman for wearing her hijab incorrectly. The incident has led to tens of thousands of Iranian women casting off their own hijabs, with some even burning them in the street.

Iran’s government has responded with deadly military crackdowns and a widespread shutdown of internet access, making it difficult to verify casualty estimates.

Multiple unconfirmed videos have circulated on social media appearing to show students defying the regime. Other videos appear to show pro-government forces firing on demonstrators. While Iranians have protested the regime before in recent years, observers say the current unrest is different.

“The Iranian people have continued their protests for over two weeks. This time around, it’s different. We have never seen such courage on the part of the Iranian protesters who are burning Basiji headquarters, police cars, even attacking and killing regime forces,” Iranian analyst Lisa Daftari told Fox News Digital last week.

Crowds across the country have chanted “Death to Khamenei!” and “Death to the dictator!” referring to Iran’s supreme leader.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has condemned the protests as “riots” and blamed the U.S. and Israel for inciting the unrest.

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