PJAK Political prisoner sentenced to 25 years of prison

May 19, 2011

Vahid Nabi Zadeh, a resident of Salmas was sentenced to 25 years of prison.

According to reports, this 28 year old man from the Gol Adam Village in Salmas was arrested in 2006 by agents of the Intelligence Agency in Salmas on charges of cooperating with a Kurd party and was temporarily released on a heavy bail. He was later cleared of the charges in court.

In 2008 while he was working as a taxi driver using his own car in the road between the Seh Rah and Hilran Village, he was accidently caught in the middle of a clash between Revolutionary Guards Forces and the Pejak organization which led to the death of a RGC official. After he left the scene, his car broke down and he was forced to leave his car by the road close to the scene of the clash and left the scene of the clash on foot. After a few days, security forces arrested his father and brother and he was forced to turn himself in because of pressure and torture of his family.


His father and brother were released after he turned himself in. He was transferred to the Salmas Prison after four months of detention in the Intelligence Agency in this town and was sentenced to death in a trial. Because he was previously cleared of the charges, his sentence was lowered to 25 years of prison. He was transferred to Zanjan Prison about one and a half years ago and is serving his prison term there…

When the news of his death sentence was announced to his family, his father suffered a brain stroke and is currently crippled and in critical condition. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – May 17, 2011)



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