Political prisoner and mother on the verge of blindness in Evin prison


Due to prevention of medical care by the Iranian regime, Kobra Amir-Khizi, a political prisoner and a relative of Ashraf residents, is on the verge of losing her eyesight.

Kobra Amir-Khizi, who was arrested during Iranian national uprising in charge of having a sister and two children in Ashraf, is imprisoned in Evin prison.

She has serious eye injury due to torture and pressure by the executioners of the Iranian regime and according to doctors she will loose her eye sight completely if she is not treated.

Despite that, by the order of Iranian regime’s prosecutor, Jafari Dowlatabadi, she is not to be transferred to a hospital outside prison or receive any medical care.

Kobra Amir-Khizi was arrested in January 2009 at Airport when she was leaving the country legally to visit her children in Ashraf.

In prison and under torture, because of the strikes by cable to her head and face by the  regime’s executioners, her vision problem arose. Due to the lack and prevention of treatment, she is in danger of loosing her eyesight.



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