Prisoners forced to watch execution of fellow inmates at Ghazalhesar Prison

June 15th, 2011

The Centre for Protecting Families of Killed and Arrested (people) reported that it received reports from the Ghazalhesar Prison that prisoners are forced to attend and watch their fellow inmates’ execution ceremonies that are carried out at the prison. Government forces beat and insult the reluctant prisoners into watching while the executions are carried out. According to the report, the prison’s guards insult and put batons under the prisoners’ chins should the prisoners avoid watching the executions.  According to reliable sources, in order to humiliate and torture prisoners who are due to be executed, the prison’s guards put a rope on the neck of the prisoner and pull him on the ground, then they force him to stand up to be hanged.

The prison guards do not stop the humiliation of executed inmates after they are hanged either; they abuse and do not respect the executed prisoners’ bodies. These inhumane acts caused anger among prisoners who condemned the government’s acts against them and their fellow inmates. The Ghazalhesar prison is a common prison in Iran where prisoners of normal crimes are kept. Almost every day prisoners are hanged at the Ghazalhesar prison.




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