Regime’s official: Iran’s prisons so congested one cannot “drop a needle to the floor without being obstructed”

May 29, 2011

Speaker of regime parliament’s legal and judicial commission said: “The number of prisoners has so sharply risen that it has created many difficulties for the Organization of Prisons and the Judiciary. In fact, keeping so many prisoners has become a hard task.

In regards to the increase in number of prisoners, I must say that during the last 30 years, population of the country has doubled, but the prisons have remained the same as 30 or 40 years ago…

In reality, we transferred the prisoners to other prisons which resulted in doubling those prisons’ occupants, and currently, there is not enough space in those prisons to drop a needle to the floor without being obstructed,” government-run Khabar-Online reported on Thursday.

Meanwhile, mullah Ejeyee, regime’s chief prosecutor, admitted congestion in the prisons and said: “I say with frankness that we have congestion in some prisons. Of course, prison is different than one’s own house,” state-run Mehr News Agency said on May 25.



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