Security Forces Attack Behzad Nabavi’s Home at Night

May 6,2011

(JARAS): Last night 15 security officers attacked the home of Behzad Nabavi, head of the Islamic Revolution Mujahidin Organization, confiscating all his books, computer cases, writings, and personal documents.

Nabavi, 70, suffers from physical pain due to years of torture before and after the revolution. He was called to Evin and transferred to Section 2A.

This Green Movement activist was arrested on 22 Khordad 1388, a day after the presidential elections.

At the Badavi court, Nabavi was sentenced to six years in prison. His sentence was reduced to five years at the appeals court.

He complained about the case of an IRGC leader who interfered with the election. Recently he was prepared to take medical leave from the Evin Prison.





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