Tehran University Student Mojtaba Hashemi Convicted


HRANA News Agency – Mojtaba Hashemi, a student activist in Tehran University School of Law, has been suspended from school for 3 years and sentenced to one year imprisonment and 74 lashes.

According to a report by the Center to Defend Families of Those Slain and Detained in Iran, Mojtaba Hashemi, a key member of student council during the protests on December 7, 2009, was convicted by Tehran Revolutionary Court.

This report also indicates that Mojtaba Hashemi was preparing a program to commemorate Student’s Day and during a gathering for this occasion, his efforts were hindered by the university’s Basij militia and Herasat, [Iran’s semi-secret police tasked to monitor all educational institutes]. At the end, Mojtaba Hashemi was expelled from the university because of pressures from these security forces.

Mojtaba Hashemi is waiting to serve his one year prison term. In addition to imposing suspension and imprisonment, security forces are preventing him from journalistic and civic activities. Mojtaba Hashemi is also under pressure and has been threatened.



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