Thirty Minute Visitation Behind the Glass in Rajaee Shahr prison


Latif Hassani (43), Mahmoud Fazli (45), Shahram Radmehr (38), Ayat Mehr Ali Bayglu (35) and Behboud Gholi Zade (48) started hunger strike on July 13, 2013 in Tabriz Centre Prison protesting their unfair trial and mistreatment. The Tabriz Enghelab Court sentenced the mentioned political activists for nine (9) years imprisonment on the charge of establishing a group, the New Southern Azerbaijan National Awakening Movement Party (Yeni GAMOH), and of distributing anti-government propaganda.  In fact, they were protesting discrimination against Azarbaijani Turks living in Iran and demanding their language and identity right.

According their relatives’ reports, they have already been suffering from serious illness because of being tortured during interrogation. The five prisoners confirmed that they will continue the hunger strike until the court revises the sentence. However, Tabriz Prosecutor’s Office and main Prosecuting Officer, Mr. Khaliolallahi exiled them from Tabriz to Tehran on the eighth day of hunger strike because their health situation had turned critical.

They were tortured several hours during transporting from Tabriz to Tehran in the metal shield in hot summer weather conditions.

However, the executives of Evin Prison in Tehran refused to admit them because of their severe conditions, and finally after one day solitary confinement in Evin Prison in Tehran, they were moved to Rajae Shahr Prison at the Karaj, one of the worst and nonstandard prisons in Iran.


Contact information of Sajad Radmehr (Shahram Radmehr’s brother)[email protected] and Cellphone: +46 73 948 88 69

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