The commander of Ammar Base threated Saudi to collapse

Iran Briefing: Dangerous tsunami statements of Iranian Revolutionary Guards commanders has started a new stage; following the continues attack to Rouhani’s government the commander of Ammar Base, Mahdi Taeb, in a speech in Alborz province delivered his statements defeating Rouhani’s foreign policy.


After the threatening statements of Qasem Soleimani to Bahrain, the recent speech reveals that there is a developed plan behind the series of statements that pursues several aims in the Middle East.
Referring to the last year incident of Hajj that many pilgrims were killed, Mahdi Taeb said that he had anticipated the events of Hajj ceremony last year and he knew that many people would be killed. He also continued: “The Saudi government has not the ability to run the Hajj anymore as he sent his army to the war in Yemen and uses amateur and rookie forces.”
The commander of Ammar Base in some other part of his controversial speech pointed to the emergence of the Twelfth Imam of the Shiites in the Hajj this year saying: “This year’s Hajj will be coincided with the presence of Imam Zaman and the al-Saud’s collapse.”
The last year’s Hajj ceremony was marked with a tragic set of accidents. “Mena desert accident and falling cranes at the Sacred Mosque” that killed hundreds of pilgrims were some of the traumatic events that happened; the Saudi government which is responsible for organizing Hajj was accused of being responsible for the incidents and the recent suspicious statements of Corps commanders boosts the rumor of Iran’s role in Mena accidents.
About 2,500 pilgrims were killed in the last Eid al-Adha and the ritual of “stoning of the devil” at Mena; 464 of these victims were Iranian. “Ghazanfar Rokn Abadi”, former Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon and a number of Iranian military commanders were killed in these incidents.
Three days of mourning was announced in Iran and the relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia broke down. Iran that had the largest number of victims in the incident, accused the Al Saud government of negligence and incompetence and stated that Saudi Arabia does not have the ability to run the Hajj and should answer about the repeated accident.
Mahdi Taeb also predicted the collapse of Al Saud government so inhibiting the storm in Iran’s foreign policy will be considered out of the current government’s efforts. He predicted that the Hajj will be performed with “the presence of Imam Mahdi” and as he says” Al Sharour”(Al devil) will collapse.”
It has been years that Iran and Saudi Arabia haven’t had good relations with each other and have experienced a lot of ups and downs in their diplomatic relations. As well as that, in recent years the civil war in Syria, where the two countries disagree about, increased more coldness in their relations so that the two countries started accusing each other in their state media.
Corps and Ammar Base also have been always at the forefront of the attacks on the Saudi government. Mahid Taeb as the commander of the base stated Syria “as the thirty fifth and a strategic province of Iran” in a speech in 2012. The statement caused a wide range of accusation and controversy in the region particularly by Saudi government.
Saudi involvement in Yemen’s civil war in the previous years has caused serious arguments between Iran and Saudi Arabia so that they both accuse each other of engaging in the war. Presenting military forces in Yemen, Saudi government accuses Iran of arming Shiite of these countries and leading confusion in the region; while the Iranian government does not tolerate the military presence of Saudi Arabia in Yemen and accuses the country to invade Yemen. Yemen war, like Syria war, has turned to a proxy war between Iran and Al Saud.
Accusations and threatens of Iran and Saudi Arabia continued to the point that commander Soleimani said at the opening of this year’s Assembly of Experts: “We have about one million military force in Yemen which can solely conquer the Saudi Arabia.” This is while Iran has always announced its assistance to the Yemeni people only as Food and Drug donations and claims that doesn’t have any weapons and military force in Yemen.
Ammar Base is one of the security centers affiliated to IRGC which has been formed from the old forces of Ansar-e Hezbollah following Mesbah Yazdi’s thoughts. Some of the target activities of this strategic base have been listed as “confronting with soft war, following up on the leadership’s demands, and monitoring and identifying the enemy activities”.
The Base was imperceptibly active in previous years as “Ansar-e Hezbollah of Tehran” and later as “Ansar-e Hezbollah” until it was officially stablished in 2009 as “Ammar Strategic Camp”. Hossein Abbasi, Saeid Ghasemi, Hossein Allah Karam, Mahdi Koochakzadeh, Saeid Haddadian, Hamid Rasaei and Hojjat al-Eslam Panahian are some of the main members of the camp.
During the years before the controversial presidential election in 2009, Ammar Camp (Ansar-e Hezbollah) was engaged with suppressing people alongside Army forces. Whenever the desired system of Ayatollah Khamenei has been in danger and he demanded help, the camp has assisted him. Some of these activities are as following: attacking the University dormitory in July 1999, attacking cinemas and bookstores in the nineties and the violent suppression of protests after the elections of 2009.
Hossein Taeb, the Chairman of the mobilization (Basij) and the brother of Mahdi Taeb, has involved the mobilization as a secondary force during the repression. During the protests and demonstrations, the commanders of Ammar Camp assisted to crackdown the people by giving lectures and motivating militia and tempting them in various ways.
The Iranian military finds its survival through creating tension and hatred and enjoys creating security conditions to hide the existing crisis and also eliminating the critics. Revealing the new plan of Ammar Camp, now Mahdi Taeb tries to relate it to the foreign policy trying to revive the fake power of the Military in economics and politics by creating an atmosphere of fear and intimidation. Ammar Base Ammar Base Ammar Base Ammar Base Ammar Base

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