500 prisoners transferred to Rajayi Shahr Prison beaten violently upon arrival

April 26, 2011

During the allocation of West Tehran prisoners to the Prison Organization in the province of Tehran and Alborz, more than 500 prisoners with heavy sentences in the Qezel Hesar Prison were transferred to the Rajayi Shahr Prion in Karaj. According to reports, at 11 am on Tuesday morning more than 500 Qezel Hesar prisoners who had participated in the March prison protests were transferred to Rajayi Shahr Prison. 
The head of Rajayi Shahr Prison ordered that the guards and soldiers in the prison form a human tunnel to beat each of the prisoners upon their entrance to prison. The prisoners were violently beaten even as most of them were elderly or were still suffering from their injuries in the bloody suppression in Qezel Hesar Prison in March. 
These prisoners are mostly all on death row and had protested in March against the planned execution of 10 prisoners in prison. Because of the suppression of Special Guards Forces, more than 150 prisoners were killed and injured in the incident. (Human Rights Activists in Iran – Apr. 24, 2011)



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