9/11 Scandal, Forged Documents Used in Court by Ken Timmerman and Zakeri a “Fabricator of Monumental of Proportions”

9/11 Attack
9/11 Attack

In this Investigative Report, we will examine some of the documents used in the 9/11 case Havlish, et al. v. bin Laden, et al., where Iran was accused of supporting the 9/11 attacks. We will show that some of the documents and evidence used in court and given to Kenneth Timmerman and used in his book were forged and fabricated by Hamid Reza Zakeri.  One of these documents titled “The Smoking Gun”, in Timmerman’s book called “Countdown to Crisis” and also used in court, is indeed a fabricated document from another fabricated document. Furthermore, we will analyze other documents published by these individuals in the media and on websites and prove they were also fabricated and are nothing but lies. The reason these fabricated documents were not noticed by some of the officials in court was because the officials based their decisions  on the English translation of the documents. However, those experts who have endorsed these documents need to be held accountable for either their misconduct or their participation in the forgery. The CIA never took either of these individuals i.e. Zakeri or Timmerman seriously and has labeled Zakeri as “fabricator of monumental proportions” and told Timmerman to stay away from that fake story. However, Timmerman, as of this day not only has not stayed away from Zakeri but he has been trying to promote Zakeri more and has had a very cozy relationship with him up to today.   After all, he has written a book called “Countdown to Crisis” whose main source has been no one but Zakeri and this book was one of the best sellers at one point.  Providing false documents to a federal court has to be investigated by the law enforcement agencies and in this case, by the United States federal court.  We believe all documents used in the court should be re-examined by an independent body.  We submitted this report to Judge George B. Daniels ‘s office and other law enforcement agencies in the United States on August 19th, 2013.

Fabricated Document by Zakeri and Used by Timmerman in his book and in the Court Havlish vs. Al-Qaedah
Fabricated Document by Zakeri and Used by Timmerman in his book page 320 as “The Smoking Gun” and in the Court Havlish vs. Al-Qaedah

Intelligence Failure
The American Intelligence failure of the 9/11 attacks gave rise to some individual, political, and media opportunists to fish from the troubled water, blaming the CIA and then push their own agenda of polarizing the American society and profiting from this failure.  A prime example of this was noticed in the 9/11 trial in Hamburg, Germany where Judge Rühle had to disqualify some witness testimonies and throw out false and fabricated evidences by some witnesses such as Hamid Reza Zakeri, a main source used in Ken Timmerman’s book and testimonies.  The reason given by the judge for throwing out those evidences was that they were trying to profit from it and also that the evidences were false and Zakeri was a liar.  Another example was in the 9/11 Commission Report where none of the three witnesses Ken Timmerman wanted to testify were even interviewed due to their credibility issues and conflict of interests.  However, in the recent 9/11 case ruling in Havlish,   et   al.   v.   bin  Laden,   et   al., on December 15, 2011 in Manhattan, the New York U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels ruled that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks and are legally responsible for damages to hundreds of family members of 9/11 victims who were plaintiffs in the case.  This was a big win for Timmerman and his team and they were happy to celebrate this victory.  Now we know that the ruling was partly based on forged documents and false testimonies by the same people whose credibility and honesty were questionable before and were thrown out since they were considered not credible.

September 11 attack of 2001 lead to the formation of the “9-11 Commission” on November 27, 2002 (442 days after the attack) and their final report was issued on July 22, 2004 known as ”The 9/11 Commission Report” which is 567 pages.  The report clearly indicated that Iran was not aware of the 9/11 attack.  On page 241 of the report, this fact is clearly stipulated: “We have found no evidence that Iran or Hezbollah was aware of the planning, for what later became the 9/11 attack.  At the time of their travel through Iran, the al Qaeda operatives themselves were probably not aware of the specific details of their future operation.”

On December 23, 2011 a federal district court in Manhattan entered a historic ruling that revealed new facts about Iran’s support of al Qaeda in the 9/11 attack (See the file). U.S. District Judge George B. Daniels ruled that Iran and Hezbollah materially and directly supported al Qaeda in the September 11, 2001 attacks and are legally responsible for damages to hundreds of family members of 9/11 victims who are plaintiffs in the case.  Two of the expert witnesses in this case were Kenneth Timmerman who is also known as an investigative reporter and his main source was Hamid Reza Zakeri. For this case Zakeri provided proof that Iran had materially aided and supported al-Qaeda before and after 9/11.

Kenneth Timmerman
On his website (www.kentimmerman.com) Kenneth Timmerman refers to himself as an investigative reporter.  He is also known by some as an Iran expert as is documented in the 9/11 trial, even though he has never been to Iran or has no knowledge of Farsi.  Timmerman has also written a book called “Countdown to Crises” published in June 2005 where he alleges that the CIA dropped the ball when an informant by the name Zakeri informed CIA in advance of the planned 9/11 attacks, but the CIA ignored him .

Ken Timmerman's Site
Ken Timmerman’s Site

To know Ken Timmerman and his investigative work in this regard, we believe we need to know more about his source of information and someone who is associated with him since the 9/11 attacks. When it comes to discussing the case, wherever you read Timmerman’s writings and postings on 9/11 or Iran, his main source pops up and you will also find similar writings by his source i.e. Zakeri on the same sites.  Timmerman has used Zakeri in various trials, postings, interviews, and writings.  Zakeri is also one of the mystery men in the Hamburg Trial, Timmerman’s book “Countdown to Crisis”, the 9/11 Case Halvish vs. OBL, and even Rafiq Hariri’s case (former Lebanese Prime Minister who was assassinated).  On his 400 page book, “Countdown to Crises”, Timmerman has referenced Zakeri’s name more than 65 times, excluding over hundreds of times refering to him as “He”, or “Him”, etc.  We can do a simple search of his book on amazon.com without buying the book, to validate the above statements: Ken’s Book on amazon.com

Hamid Reza Zakeri

Alireza Soleiman Pak - Hamid Reza ZakeriZakeri’s real name is “Ali Reza Soleiman Pak” based on a copy of temporary German passport we have obtained.  Unlike a geniune former intelligence agent, Zakeri has been using the fake name for years for  reasons other than his personal safety, which we will elaborate later on.  Ali Reza Soleiman Pak, pseudo name “Hamid Reza Zakeri” currently lives in Germany, but if you refer to his Facebook page, he has always pretended that he is living in Washington D.C. and is in close cooperation with the CIA, FBI, and other former agents and of course in close association with Ken Timmerman (only the last one is accurate).

Zakeri's FacebookZakeri was a former bodyguard and a member of IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps), later on he joined MOIS (Iranian Intelligence Agency) as an interrogator and then as a lower ranking staff.  According to Zakeri’s own interviews and writings, he has been an interrogator for 12 years.  During an assignment in Canada when serving MOIS (Iranian Intelligence Agency), Western life influences him and he decides to defect to the West.  He leaves Iran in July 2001 and goes to the US Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan trying to defect and then lands in Germany after the CIA rejects him.
According to Ken Timmerman’s own book, “Countdown to Crisis” on page 18 Zakeri is known to the CIA as a “Serial Fabricator” and according to a high ranking official Zakeri is a “Fabricator of monumental proportions”.  A female officer from CIA told Timmerman, “This man is a serial fabricator”.

A Fabricator of Monumental Proportions
A Fabricator of Monumental Proportions

Zakeri got these titles when he claimed that a few months before the September 11 attacks he went to the US Embassy in Azerbaijan and alerted CIA officials that such an attack was going to take place on September 11.  CIA officials confirm his contact with their officials but categorically denied such a claim by Zakeri.  As of today, there is no evidence whatsoever that Zakeri, a low-ranking Iranian interrogator, ever had such information about 9/11. In fact, al-Qaeda had kept the planned attacks a secret even among its own high ranking members and only a few people were aware of such an attack, let alone Iranian officials.  In fact, as of today, no one has ever believed Zakeri’s story due to his history of fabrications, lying, fraud, forgery, and baseless accusations but somehow Kenneth Timmerman is the only person who fully believes and trusts him wholeheartedly.   Let’s find out how Zakeri is known to other law enforcement organizations and intelligence communities before we delve into exploring the fabrications used in court and in Timmermans’ book.

According to the German Law Journal, one of the world’s leading academic fora concerned with transnational law, Zakeri is a dubious figure: “The anonymous witness is said to have assured two BKA (German Federal Police) officials that Mzoudi was directly involved in the preparation of the September 11 attacks by providing “logistics.” The witness turned out to be an Iranian, Hamid Reza Zakeri, whose evidence contributed little to clarify the facts.  He apparently acted as a double agent for the Iranian secret service and the CIA and is regarded to be a rather dubious person.”  The Court held that the evidence of the last witness, Zakeri, was not plausible and had to be treated with skepticism because he traded information and had a personal interest in it.  The court case was held on January 20, 2004.  (See the report on German Law Journal).

What prompted us to do some research and an investigative report was when in July 2013, we discovered a forged and fabricated image of Imad Mughnieh with the Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei that was exclusively provided to Timmermans’ site by Hamid Reza Zakeri (Ali Reza Soleiman Pak). When we informed Timmerman about the fabrication, he did not remove it and as of today the forged document is still on his site: http://www.kentimmerman.com/news/zakeri-mughniyeh_photos.pdf

Exclusive Fabrication by Zakeri Posted on Timmerman's Site
Exclusive Fabrication by Zakeri Posted on Timmerman’s Site

Some of Timmerman’s other sources and close acquaintances also contacted him and pointed out the obvious forgeries but he did not or could not remove the fake photo given to him by Zakeri: https://iranbriefing.net/?p=17435.

For the record, we publish the photo here again. It seems Timmerman or Zakeri either do not know the key differences between some details of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and Iran’s regular Army and their ranks. By looking at the adulterated photo of supposedly Imad Mughnieh, one can notice that the rank on his uniform is the Army rank, and not IRGC rank. Almost everyone in Iran and throughout the world, who claim to know a little bit about Iran and Hezbollah and IRGC’s Quods Force, know that Imad Mughniae belonged to Iran’s IRGC and its Quods Force and not the Army.

On the left Photo Mohammad Salimi the former commander-in-chief of the Iranian Army, right photo fabricated photo of Imad Mughnie by Hamid Reza Zakeri
On the left Photo Mohammad Salimi the former commander-in-chief of the Iranian Army, right photo fabricated photo of Imad Mughnie by Hamid Reza Zakeri

Photoshop was used (albeit not skillfully) to cut the head of Mughniaheh from another photo and transpose it over a different person with an Army uniform and rank! Then he has tried to blur the whole photo to make it difficult to recognize and clearly pinpoint the fabrication.

We believe these types of unethical behavior, forgeries and fabrications in fact, hurt the struggle for democracy for Iran. These fabrications indeed make fun of those of us who genuinely are fighting for democracy in Iran. These types of behavior are exactly what the Iranian regime does to frame people and the opposition. The Iranian regime has more than enough negative and evil records that there is no need for fabrications to make up stories that later could easily turn out to be a joke; such as exactly what Timmerman has on his website; given to him by a prominent fabricator.

Fabricated Document Used in Court and in Timmerman’s Book
One of the fabricated documents prepared by Zakeri and given to Timmerman and was also used by Timmerman in his book “Countdown to Crises” and also in the “Iran and 9/11 Havlish” legal case is this letter.

Fabricated Document by Zakeri and Used by Timmerman in his book and in the Court Havlish vs. Al-Qaedah
Fabricated Document by Zakeri and Used by Timmerman in his book and in the Court Havlish vs. Al-Qaedah

In this trial Zakeri provided a witness testimony through a video recording and Timmerman was one of the expert witnesses in the court.  During this trial Timmerman and others linked Iran to al-Qaeda and that Iran was aware of the 9/11 attack and helped Al-Qaeda to succeed in its planning. For the record, we do believe that Iran has a link and a history of cooperation with al-Qaeda but using a forged letter to prove the case especially there is no evidence that Iran as involved in 9/11 attack is counterproductive and unethical behavior especially from a journalistic point of view.  We believe that the US intelligence community has better and more reliable facts and tools to link the two, than some reporters who lack the basic knowledge to examine the original documents for their validity or their strange trust on individuals with serious credibility issues.  On Page 92 of the “Havlish, et al. v. bin Laden, et al.” the translation of a letter described as “A memorandum, dated May 14, 2001, from Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri”.

Translation of fake letter -Zakeri - Timmerman-Nateq Nouri
Translation of fake letter -Zakeri – Timmerman-Nateq Nouri

Besides Iran‘s involvement in facilitating the 9/11 hijackers‘ travel before September 11, 2001, and Iran‘s provision of safe haven for al Qaeda after the post-9/11 invasion of Afghanistan, there is additional evidence that Iran was involved in the planning for 9/11 itself. Documentary evidence demonstrates Iran‘s and Hizballah‘s awareness of, and involvement in, al Qaeda‘s plans for an impending terrorist strike against the U.S. A memorandum, dated May 14, 2001, from Ali Akbar Nateq-Nouri (overseer of the Supreme Leader‘s intelligence apparatus), speaking for the Supreme Leader, to the head of intelligence operations Mustapha Pourkanad, clearly demonstrates Iran‘s awareness of an upcoming major attack on the United States and directly connects Iran and Imad Mughniyah to al Qaeda and to the planned attack. This ―tasking memorandum‖ (which Dr. Bergman states has been reviewed and found to be authentic by U.S. and Israeli intelligence, Ex. 7, Bergman Affid. 75-76, and Ex. B thereto) clearly anticipates an attack ―damaging [American] economic systems,‖―discrediting . . . other institutions,‖ and undermining [U.S.] ―security and stability.‖ Id.
Written ―in order to remove the existing lack of clarity regarding support for al-Qaeda‘s future plans,‖ the memo cautions ―to be alert to the [possible] negative future consequences of this cooperation [between Iran and al-Qaeda].‖ Id. The memo also says that, while ―expanding the collaboration with the fighters of al-Qaeda and Hizballah [Lebanon],‖ the Supreme Leader ―emphasizes that, with regard to cooperation with al-Qaeda, no traces 93 must be left [] that might have negative and irreversible consequences, and that [the activity] must be limited to the existing contacts with [Hizballah Operations Officer Imad] Mughniyeh and [bin Laden‘s deputy Ayman] al-Zawahiri.‖ Id.

The question should also be forwarded to Dr. Bergman, the U.S. and Israeli intelligence on who and how they came to the conclusion that this fake letter is authentic?  I would strongly doubt that the CIA would be one of the intelligence agencies considering this as authentic since the CIA has never trusted Zakeri and that’s why they have referred to him as a “fabricator of monumental proportion”. This letter is so fake that even a 5th grade student could spot the obvious forgeries if he or she knows Farsi! For those who are not familiar with the language, we mark the misspelled characters with red and the equivalent accurate words in the second line here:

Misspelling of Mughnieh and Zawaheri's last name by Zakeri
Misspelling of Mughnieh and Zawaheri’s last name by Zakeri

The two major errors he has made in this letter are the misspelling of the last names of two prominent terrorists; “Ayman al-Zawahiri” and “Imad Mughniyeh”.  For those who do not understand Farsi it is like spelling “George” as “Jorje” and “Clinton” as “Klinton” by a scholar who has a PhD in English Literature and Christianity.  Zakeri has used a wrong character to spell Zawahiri and Mughniye’s last names in the last line marked with two long red arrows. This is impossible if the letter was supposed to be written by the office of the Iranian Leader’s office.  Also, we could find the correct spellings in Farsi and Arabic language in Google and in Wikipedia for Mughniah and Al-Zawaheri.  It seems Zakeri was in a rush to fabricate a letter in a short period of time.  Zakeri has a middle school education even though on his Facebook profile he has indicated that he has a university degree and lives in the United States in Washington D.C.

The Smoking Gun page from Timmerman's book, Page 320 is a Fabricated document.
The Smoking Gun page from Timmerman’s book, Page 320 is a Fabricated document.

There are numerous grammatical and punctuation errors that are all marked for those who are familiar with Farsi language. For example just like in English, you should place a period at the end of a sentence and have a space after the period and comma and between words.  Zakeri has failed to follow any of these in numerous places. Another problem is that the date by the signature does not have a year, it is only signed with a month and day which is strange in any official letter or even unofficial letters.  Also, the whole letter is not uniform. The double headed arrow shows the part that is cut and pasted from somewhere else, it has a darker background.  Ironically, the above forged letter is made up from another forged letter he had used to commit some extortion from another Iranian TV personality.  And here is the letter he has used for his fabrication in Timmerman’s book and in the court.

Fabricated Document by Zakeri and Used by Timmerman in his book and in the Court Havlish vs. Al-Qaedah
Fabricated Document by Zakeri and Used by Timmerman in his book and in the Court Havlish vs. Al-Qaedah

As a fabricator of monumental proportions, Zakeri has used almost the exact format and letter for defaming and attacking someone else that we have found to compare with this fake letter.  This one is tidier than the letter used in Timmerman’s book and the 9/11 case highlighted above.  Zakeri has a history of fabrications going back to Iran where according to some sources he was fired from his job since he was fabricating for financial gains.  And here are the two letters together.  It seems he uses each item in the letter (logo, seal, stamp, From, To, Subject, etc.) to compose a letter and a close examination of the documents reveals his method.

Zakeri Fabrication of a letter from another fabricated letter
Zakeri Fabrication of a letter from another fabricated letter

The original letter is also found on Timmerman’s own website:http://www.kentimmerman.com/news/zakeri_farsi.htm.  The English translation of the letter is also found on the same page.
We list more forgeries in the letter presented in court:
1- Nateq Nouri’s signature on two of Zakeri’s fake letters are different. Somehow he never thought that his letters would one day be found and compared.
2- Zakeri uses each item (logo, stamps, From, To, Subject, etc.) on the letter and places them over the paper separately using typing, scanning, photoshop, and other methods to fabricate any letter he wants. If you tilt the screen, you would be able to pinpoint the background surrounding the items on the letter.
3- Words such as “Subject”, “To”, and “From”, are not aligned properly on the letter presented to the court and comparing the two letters shows the discrepancies even more. For example in one letter “Subject” is aligned with “From”, and “To”, but in the other letter it is not.
4- The letter is signed by Ali Akbar Nateq Nouri with his title on the bottom of the letter and also on the top of the letter on the “From” section as “Chief of Leader’s Intelligence Agency” or in Farsi “ریس سازمان اطلاعات رهبری” while there exists no such title or agency anywhere in Iran.  The correct title should be “Chief Inspector of Leader’s Office” or in Farsi “رئیس بازرسی دفتر رهبری”.It seems Zakeri and Timmerman need each other, as each has banked on the other’s lies and fabrications.  For this reason, no matter how monumental a fabrication is, Timmerman has no choice but to publish and talk about it and in order to diversify the news, he would help Zakeri post a different version of the story in different sites with different twists. Others have helped and contributed to their story which is a shame and is unfortunate.  Some of these media are www.wnd.comwww.pjmedia.comwww.newsmax.com, etc.  For example, searching for “Zakeri” in www.wnd.com yields 13 postings and searching for “Timmerman” yields dozens more postings.  Another forged document used in Timmerman’s book is Zakeri’s official identification card that he was shown during his debriefings with Zakeri.

Page 325 of “Countdown to Crisis” Timmerman publishes Zakeri's ID that is also fabricated.
Page 325 of “Countdown to Crisis” Timmerman publishes Zakeri’s ID that is also fabricated.

On page 325 of “Countdown to Crisis” of Timmerman’s book, the ID states that no one has the authority to arrest him for any reason! Ken has believed it or wanted to believe it. Here are the problems with the ID that clearly shows it is fabricated.
1- The style structure of the note on the ID is exactly the same as what Zakeri has used on various forged letters i.e. full of grammatical and spelling errors even in 4 short lines. For example he has misspelled one word on the 3rd line.
2- There is no such a thing as “Security Council” or in Farsi “شورای امنیت” in Iran. The correct term should have been “Supreme National Security Council”, in Farsi it is “شورای عالی امنیت ملی”
3- There is no such word as “مبراء” in Farsi, instead we have “مبرا”. It appears Zakeri added this character “ء” at the end of this and many other words for some unknown reason.  He has done the same on lines 5,9,10,11,12 used in the letter presented in the trial Havlish v. Al-Qaedah and the final line on the bottom of the letter.

Another letter that is used extensively in the media and produced by Zakeri is the letter that alleged Iranian officials ordered Iran’s infamous Quods force to kill 3 top  Bahraini officials.  Here is the fabricated letter.  The forgeries in this letter are phenomenal!  A signature fabrication of Zakeri is terrible grammar and syntax and a long sentence that sometimes takes up the whole letter. This letter has several serious flaws.

A Forged Letter, Allegedly An Order to Assassinate Bahrain’s King and other High Ranking Officials
A Forged Letter, Allegedly An Order to Assassinate Bahrain’s King and other High Ranking Officials

Other than some spelling errors that are indicated in red in the letter, the most prominent error is the spelling mistake on the bottom portion of the letter that is allegedly the handwriting of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi.  Misspelling  the word marked in red on the bottom of the letter by someone like Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi who has spent decades of his life working with Farsi and Arabic language and Islamic jurisprudence, is like the US Supreme Chief Justice John Roberts spelling the word “Justice” as “Jastis”!  Also, the date on the top left portion of the letter is written as 1391/07/08 (Iranian calendar) and apparently the letter is delivered to Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi who lives in Qum and he signs it on the same day!  Zakeri has converted the date into Arabic or Islamic calendar but has forgotten to add a few days to it since a letter cannot be written on the same day in Tehran and then be signed on the same day by another person in a different city.  But the stupidity of Zakeri does not end there.  On the alleged signature of Quasem Soleimani, head of Quds Force, he makes a mistake and enters the date like this 1391/8/7.  This is obviously expected from Zakeri who has a middle school level education but it is not expected from others who consider themselves investigative reporters or Iran experts.

Ken Timmerman (Continues)
Now we can go back to Ken Timmerman and get to know more about him and his association with Zakeri.  Ken has established an organization called FDI “Foundation for Democracy in Iran” http://iran.org.  Just looking at the name, one would think it is about Democracy in Iran, but we regret to inform the readers that his site or organization has nothing to do with Iran or Democracy in Iran -it is all about personal issues, extortion, fabrications, and forgeries by both Ken Timmerman and Hamid Reza Zakeri.  On the first page of Mr. Timmerman’s own organization “Foundation for Democracy in Iran”, you see Zakeri’s name mentioned 5 times and surprisingly they are mainly related to personal attacks Zakeri has with someone else.  Some of the details of the personal attacks between Zakeri and another person whose name is Fakhravar are here: “http://iran.org/images/2012-Fakhravar-Facebook-Threats-Zaker.pdf” and for the record, we embed those here on our site.
These are the screenshots of Facebook conversations translated from Farsi into English:

Zakeri-Fakhravar-Timmerman 1 Zakeri-Fakhravar-Timmerman 2 Zakeri-Fakhravar-Timmerman 3 Zakeri-Fakhravar-Timmerman 4








Zakeri Hamidreza: ”I F… your sister and if your mother is not a whore, you should come to Europe and we would deal with each other there.”
Amir Abbas Fakhravar: Get the hell out of here before I come and F… your wife and your daughter together.  I am going to report your shitty name to police and psychiatric ward of the hospital.
Zakeri Hamidreza: ”You mother F…, if you had a cock you would not have been a faggot and I would not have fucked your sisters, I am going to publish articles against you soon in English in two US newspapers.  I am going to publish a video of you masterbating in the shower.  You asshole, you are not even capable of licking my car’s tire, even after 100 years of hard labor.  By the way, your sister was hot, I might F… her again.”

The funny thing is that Timmerman translates Fakhravar’s above cuss words as this: “where he threatened “to cut” Zakeri’s wife and child, an MOIS euphemism for ‘murder.’” Either Zakeri fools Timmerman or Timmerman knowingly tries to cover the truth and translates “cuss word” as “threats and murder” to build a case against Fakhravar and commit a character assassination, a tactic Zakeri is very well known for.  Timmerman posts these fake letters supposedly obtained from Iranian Intelligence in Farsi given to him by Zakeri accusing Fakhravar of being a spy.  The letter posted on Timmerman’s site is so fake that even an elementary school student would be able to notice it. On the letter what is missing is the emblem of the MOIS. By going to the MOIS site, one could see that the organization, like any, has its own unique emblem which is in green.   The letter is immersed with spelling and grammatical errors, just the same way he has fabricated one for the U.S. court and for Timmerman’s book.

2004 MOIS Letter Regarding Fakhravar
2004 MOIS Letter Regarding Fakhravar

Zakeri has used green color but just typed the name and Iran’s emblem on its flag.  Another major gaffe is that the agency signed on the button is missing one word, it is “شکایت” in Farsi and “Complaint” in English. The complete department in Farsi is: “اداره کل پیگیری و شکایت“.  Apparently Zakeri is using Timmerman’s lack of knowledge of Farsi for his own advantage or illicit gains. There are many other obvious gaffes with this fake letter. Another one to point out which is so obvious is Zakeri’s own handwriting that he uses in many fake letters attacking people.  Timmerman is aware of Zakeri’s past and recent baseless accusations against people but chooses to support him on his accusations and allegations by posting them on his site in the name of democracy and fighting with the Iranian regime.  This is a tactic used by Zakeri to defame people, and with his connection to Timmerman, he tries to show that his enemies are working with the Iranian regime and Timmerman buys them all.  Either Timmerman posts these fake forms on his site on behalf of Zakeri or he has given access to Zakeri to basically post whatever he wants.  We are not sure if Timmerman has any idea what  these are all about or if he just trusts Zakeri blindly.

It seems the site is a compilation of subjects related to Zakeri’s personal and Timmermans’ political opponents.  For example Timmerman attacks the FBI, CIA and other US officials who are not in line with his views in believing Zakeri. The site or organization has nothing to do with Iran or Democracy.  The organization is also not in good standing due to failure to file its Annual Report.  He has some individuals listed on his board, but I doubt most of them have any clue what the contents of the site are.

Timmerman’s View of Zakeri
In one of his interviews with an Iranian online TV program, when asked what is his view of Zakeri, Timmerman responded in a video clip “Mr. Zakeri is an extraordinary person he has risked his life literally and the life of his family to help the United State of America and help the free world in general”.  Zakeri did help Timmerman to have a best seller book at one point based on the lies and fabrications in the book.  CIA categorically denied this story and called Zakeri “a fabricator of monumental proportions”.

Ironically, according to a German publication, at one point right after the September 11 attack,  Zakeri attacked some Arab journalists when they suggested that Iran was involved in the attack. Zakeri scolded them saying that Iran was not involved in the attack.  According to a source who was communicating with Zakeri, Zakeri had told this source that soon he would be receiving some cuts from the 9/11 case worth hundreds of thousands of dollars (there is email communication documentation on this).

How Zakeri is Viewed by Others?
1- According to Spiegel Online, the witness is an extremely dubious figure. The Iranian “Hamid Reza Zakeri” who is thought to have worked as a double agent for the Iranian secret service and the CIA. He is well known to Western secret services and is considered to be a gossip and windbag who cannot tell truth from fiction.
2- German Law Journal: The witness turned out to be an Iranian, Hamid Reza Zakeri, whose evidence contributed little to clarify the facts. He apparently acted as a double agent for the Iranian secret service and the CIA and is regarded to be a rather dubious person.
3- New York Times: “after questioning by the judges and defense lawyers, a prosecutor acknowledged contradictions in the man’s testimony.”
4- Focus Online labels Zakeri as “Stupid and Storyteller”
In German: Der politisch unbequeme Zeuge Zakeri, von Berliner Regierungsstellen kürzlich schnell als Idiot und Märchenerzähler eingestuft, gewinnt mittlerweile an Profil. „Seine Glaubwürdigkeit steigt von Stunde zu Stunde“, urteilt ein Ermittler. In einem Vermerk des BKA-Staatsschutzreferats 36 vom 26. Januar 2004 liest sich das so: „Bis zum heutigen Tag sind keine Angaben des Zeugen bekannt, die sich als falsch herausgestellt und daher Zweifel an der Glaubwürdigkeit begründet hätten.“
5- His report on Ferdo nuclear explosion published in various sites turned out to be fabricated and was even ridiculed by the Israeli media. WND is one of the sites to publish it (linked here).
6- Regarding Zakeri’s meeting at the US Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan, “We have no record that he made any such claim. And he is a fabricator of monumental proportions.”

To deceive people, Zakeri has pretended that he lives in the United States, here is his Facebook page.

Zakeri Saying he is with Kahlili



It would be a great and genuine investigative journalistic work for Kenneth Timmerman to write an investigative report on Zakeri, first to sort out all the lies he has told and fabrications he has done so far and perhaps then Ken might come to believe that not all  of Zakeri’s stories have been true and perhaps he would think about what to do with all the money he made from selling his book “Countdown to Crisis”.

Zakeri (Ali Reza Soleiman Pak with Madhi)
Zakeri (Ali Reza Soleiman Pak with Madhi)

Zakeri’s connection with Mohammad Reza Madhi Tazekand another alleged spy who fooled Zakeri and others in Thailand and is now back and living in Iran.

July 26, 2001 Zakeri supposedly warns the CIA in Azerbaijan about the attack, later on the CIA dismisses the claim and calls Zakeri a “fabricator of monumental proportions”
September 11, 2001 Attacks on America
November 27, 2002 The 9/11 Commission was established
December 11, 2003 Abdelghani Mzoudi is acquitted by presiding German judge Klaus Rühle & released in February 2004
22 January 2004, Zakeri’s claim in the Hamburg trial that Mzoudi was really behind the 9/11 attacks is quickly discounted, and German intelligence notes that, “he presents himself as a witness on any theme which can bring him benefit.”  
Zakeri’s appearance on Friday did little to relieve the wide-spread doubts about his credibility was helped by Western intelligence sources. His answers to most questions were evasive and rambling, according to those in the court. During more than three hours of testimony, Judge Rühle often had to ask Zakeri to repeat himself. At one point, after several contradictions and incomprehensible answers, Rühle said: “I don’t know if you are consciously being unclear.”
July 20, 2004 9/11 Commission Final Report
2005 Kenneth Timmerman publishes his book “Countdown to Crisis”
December 15, 2011 judge ruling on 9/11 Havlish v. Iran
2008 Imad Mughniyeh was killed

Updates September 1, 2013:
Since we reported this story we received the original signature of Nateq Nouri which we attach here, this signature shows that above 2 letters forged by Zakeri and one of which were used in the court and Timmerman’s book clearly had fabricated signatures.

Nateq Nouri’s Original Signature
Nateq Nouri’s Original Signature

We also received another forged photo of Zakeri as a bodyguard behind Khamenei, the fabrication of this photo is very obvious where Zakeri has used the same methods as with other documents using photoshop to pretend he was so closer to the Iranian leader so that his testimony be taken seriously.  Timmerman has gone even further where on his

book he has written that Zakeri began working immediately after the revolution as a bodyguard in charge of the close protection detail of the top five leaders of the Islamic Republic (Khomeini, Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Karroubi, Mahdavi Kani)!  Zakeri was only 14 years old

Timmerman's Middle East Data Project
Timmerman’s Middle East Data Project

when the revolution took place and he was in Isfahan and not in Tehran.  This image was prepared for the court hearing by a body called “Middle East Data Project”, the person in charge of this project is no one but Kenneth Timmerman, as he also states in his own website.

Updates September 1, 2013:
Contradictions on dates regarding Timmerman’s book and Zakeri’s own statements and interviews:

1- According to his blog he left Iran to Canada in 1986
2- According to his interview on YouTube (link)the trip was in 1987
3- According to Timmerman’s “Countdown to Crisis” page 18 the trip  was in 1988
4- According to his own Wikipedia writing, the trip was in 1989
5- According to the same writing he was in Iran-Iraq war from 1980-1988
As of today there is no evidence whether he was in Canada or in Iran-Iraq war.

Updates February 10, 2018:
“Alireza Soleiman Pak” known as “Hamid Reza Zakeri” & “Pouria Javaherian” is charged with murder& fraud, arrested and sent to jail in Georgia.

Zakeri's contradictions regarding his trip to Canada
Zakeri’s contradictions regarding his trip to Canada

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By: Gareth Porter:
Crackpot Anti-Islam Activists, “Serial Fabricators” and the Tale of Iran and 9/11
By: JimFetzer and Joshua Blakeney
Kenneth R. Timmerman: Award Winning Journalist or Political Hack?

“Countdown to Crisis” First Edition, 2005, By: Kenneth Timmerman

Updates 2014- 2015:
Kenneth Timmerman removes one of the most obvious images of “Imad Mughnieh with Ayatollah Khamenei” from his website. Below are the new screenshots, with the forged image removed; however, Ken fails to remove the text referring to the removed forged image. In order to maintain his credibility and that of the books and articles he has written, using forged documents by Zakeri, Ken continues to write articles affirming Zakeri’s credibility as a reliable source.
Carrying His Cross to Elam (Published on January 7, 2015)

Even though he has removed that forged image, it is archived in http://archive.org that keeps a copy of contents of many websites:


Zakeri with Timmerman
Kenneth Timmerman removes one of the forged document almost.


Forged Document in Arhive.org
Forged Document in Arhive.org







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