A number of IRGC commanders resign to participate in “elections”

June 28, 2011

A number of IRGC high ranking officers and commanders are to resign their posts to form a united front against ‘progressive fundamentalists’ in collaboration with Ghalibaf, Haft-e Sobh, a daily newspaper close to Mashaei, reported on June 26.

Haft-e Sobh’s political service correspondent reported that after removal of IRGC commander Mojtaba Zolnour –which was presented as retirement– commanders “Hossein H.” and “Akbar B.” are to resign their posts to be considered as the number-2 and number-3 men on the military list.

Commander “H.” does not have a good relationship with conservatives close to Shariatmadari and tries to remedy his political shortcomings by getting closer to the “Ghalibaf-Rezaii-Larijani” circle. Tehran’s municipality [run by former one of IRGC commander Ghalibaf] is planned to provide the necessary support for the military list, and in return for delivering majlis [or regime’s parliament] elections, will receive support for the Presidential elections, Haft-e Sobh reported.



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