Sunday, October 17, 2021

A number of short-film and documentary filmmakers summoned

Following the recent arbitrary detainment of many journalists, in recent days a number of filmmakers accused of collaboration with foreign media outlets were summoned and interrogated at the Ministry of Intelligence.

According to CHRR, the filmmakers have been monitored by judicial and security officials for some time because their short films or documentaries have been aired on foreign media outlets. In the past days a number of them were summoned to appear at the Intelligence Ministry headquarters for questioning and they were asked to sign disclaimers regarding collaboration with foreign media outlets.

Many of these filmmakers had already been summoned in the past and asked to sign disclaimers regarding the use of their work in foreign media outlets but in the past days they were asked to appear again to ensure they would in no way communicate or present their work to foreign media.

Source: CHRR

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