Abbas Lesani on Hunger Strike and No News on the Condition of Ardebil Detainees


Ardebil civil rights activist Abbas Lesani has contacted his family and has informed them of his hunger strike.

Abbas lesani,Asgar Akbarzadeh,Khalegh Akbarzadeh, Ali Babaei, Babak javanshir, Hassan Karimzadeh, Isa Azizi, Nosratoolah Valizadeh, Rahim Gholami, Hamid Ghovati, Ali Kheirjoo and Mehdi Osouli are the names of several Ardebil activists who were arrested on September 12th.

Lesani is a former political prisoner and has told his family that he will go on dry hunger strike if the Intelligence Ministry does not follow-up on his case.

No Reports on the Condition of Other Detainees

The families of other detainees such as Akbarzadeh, Babaei and Javanshir have not been able to receive any information on their condition and are worried that they may be tortured in the Intelligence Ministry Detention Center.

The Mother of Asgar and Khalegh Akbarzadeh stated that Asgar was arrested on September 11th and is currently held in an undisclosed location. According to her, Khalegh has been transferred to Adebil Prison and is held in limbo. He is suffering from blood problems and is in need of constant medical attention.

Ali Babaei and one of his relatives Babak Javanshir have not contacted their families since their arrest and there is no information as to their condition or whereabouts. Babaei had been arrested  several years ago and was imprisoned for several months.



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