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IranBriefing is a news & documentary website established since 2010 to solely report on Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) human rights violation, its terrorist activity, and its control of Iran’s economy and politics.  It is one of the news sites managed by Anti-Racism and Anti-Defamation Alliance, a non-profit organization registered in Washington, DC. in the United States.

Our primary mission is to promote awareness of and respect for fundamental human rights, through monitoring, documenting and reporting of human rights violations.  Our goal is to inform and educate policy makers, educational centers, public, and the broader policy community about Iran’s military apparatus dominance and control of the counry’s economy, politics, military, intelligence, and internal and external influence and interference on various organizations and political entities and neighboring countries.

Our secondary mission is to document, compile, and publish news, reports, videos, photos, and analysis on the activities of Iran’s military specifically related to the Human Rights violations (arrest, imprisonment, torture, etc.) inside and outside Iran by the IRGC and all institutions under its control or influence.

In this website, you will find the latest analysis from Iranian and non-Iranian writers regarding the involvement of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in various arenas, including military, human rights, economic and political activities inside and outside Iranian borders.

Although the IRGC had an undeniable and key role in the suppression of freedom-seeking Iranians, and although this military organization has turned into a mafia-like economic empire that aids hard-line groups in Palestine, Lebanon and other parts of the world, the Iran Briefing site intends to remain neutral and maintain its professional integrity so that it will be a trustworthy resource for those seeking to research Iran and this military establishment.

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