Agents’ Attack Against People Gatherings On 13th Day of the Persian New Year and Arrest of a Group in Tehran and Tabriz

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Raha News

In both Tabriz and Urumiye, a group of young people were arrested by security agents during today’s fights.

According to a report from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran”, on late Saturday afternoon security agents attacked the youth participating in the 13th Day of Norooz gatherings at Tehran’s Qeytarieh Park which triggered slogans against the government.

Based on this report, the youth’s resistance against the attack of the security agents who came to disperse them, turned into a fight. At least two people were arrested and taken to unknown locations. Following the arrest of these two people, people protested against the agents’ behavior and demanded the detainees’ freedom. Since the agents’ refused, it prompted people to chant slogans against the government.

According to the Azerbaijan Student Movement, at the same time on the 13th day of the Persian New Year a group of people were arrested and taken to unknown locations as scuffles around Tabriz’s Azerbaijan Square began.

Confirmed reports noted that the Azerbaijan Square protestors, especially women, were beaten up and that “during many moments of the protests water hose cars were successful in dispersing the crowds.”

Rahsa News reports also indicate that following the Azerbaijani civil activists’ protests, more than 70 people were arrested in Tabriz.

Azerbaijan civil and environmental rights activists planned to gather on Nature Day in Tabriz and Urumiyeh in protest against the wrong politics of the government and the drying up of Lake Urumiyeh.

Based on this report, following the violence instigated by security agents, about 70 citizens and protestors were arrested in Azerbaijan Square and transferred to an unknown location. 20 people were also injured, four of whom are in critical condition. Without any consideration for their injured state, police officers took them to the unknown location. It is said that security-police forces even went amongst the tents and terrorized ordinary families who came out for the 13th day of the Persian New Year.




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