Ahad Azadikhah: selected candidate for the second round of Parliamentary elections in Malayer (Hamedan)

Biography of elected IRGC’s military representatives in the 10th Islamic Consultative Assembly; Election law offense and the Guardian Council’s allowance Ahad Azadikhah

Iran Briefing: Ahad Azadikhah” was born in 1975 in Malayer and obtained a Level 3 degree in seminary of jurisprudence in 2002 from Qom Seminary. He also has a background in media, particularly Radio and Television. Since the Islamic Propaganda Organization operates under the supervision of the leadership of the Islamic Republic, he is also one of the confirmed authorities and confidants of the Supreme Leader. Hojat al-Islam Ahad Azadikhah has served in several positions such as “Director General of Hamadan, professor of Bu-Ali University in Hamedan, Malayer free Quranic sciences (for 10 years), as well as the Seminary of Hamadan, Deputy Cultural Center Seminaries of Qom, the country’s Director of Seminaries’ Administration and Department of Seminaries’ Service Centers, and the Director of Islamic Propagation Organization in Kurdistan”.

The tenth Parliamentary elections across the country, was held on Friday, February 26, 2016 through the approval of the Guardian Council. The registration of the candidates for the Parliamentary elections was set for a week from December 19, 2015. According to Article 29 of the Parliamentary Elections Law, “The legal entities that have certain jobs are excluded from nomination for parliamentary elections unless they resign from their occupations at least six months before nominations and should not have a specific job.” In paragraph 27 of Article 29 of the electoral law, it has been explicitly stated that: “Directors and the heads of foundations (Oppressed, Martyr, 15 Khordad, and Maskan), Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, the Literacy Movement, the Islamic Propagation Organization, Office of Qom Seminary and the head of Governmental Reprimands and heads of Chambers of Commerce and Industries and Cooperatives, the deputies and their advisors” must resign 6 months before the start of registration. According to reports published on Mehr News Agency, as part of his job,  Ahad Azadikhah was responsible for giving speeches and carrying out interviews during September, October, November and December 2015.

Despite the clarity of the law and the appearance of the name of his actual career title in the law, he has continued to work as the head of the Kurdistan Islamic Propaganda Organization and has frequently delivered speeches as a Director General in Kurdistan.

On January 5, 2016, as the Director of Islamic Propagation Organization in Kurdistan, he spoke about the elections and mentioned some points that following his speech, he would not be qualified for the Parliament due to his own breach. He had mentioned: “Certainly accuracy in selecting representatives for the Assembly of Experts and choosing the most competent candidate by honorable people would raise the rapid development of our dear Islamic country in all fields.” Despite his flagrant violation of the law by remaining in his official position, which is certainly against the law, the Guardian Council ignored it and qualified him to be eligible for nominations for the elections!

In this regard, the Electoral Law explicitly mentions: “According to the schedule of the Tenth Parliament elections, the deadline for accepting the resignation of volunteers would be at least up to 6 months before the elections—until 24th of June. Presenting the official certificate of resignation and its acceptance and proof of not being employed in the enterprise positions is essential at least six months prior to the registration date by candidates.”

Based on the mentioned offense, the Director of Kurdistan Islamic Propagation Organization is not qualified for the election and the Guardian Council could easily prevent him from competing in the second round. AF-

Ahad Azadikhah Malayer Ahad Azadikhah Malayer Ahad Azadikhah Malayer AhadAzadikhah Malayer 

Ahad Azadikhah Malayer Ahad Azadikhah Malayer Ahad Azadikhah Malayer

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