Ahmadinejad and his circle have other plans to challenge Khamenei

May 12, 2011

In an article about the crisis at the top of the mullahs’ regime, Javan Online, the Revolutionary Guard’s news outlet accused Ahmadinejad-Mashaei group of having other plans on their agenda for challenging the supreme leader.

Javan Online wrote: “…It must be said that they are attempting to create various issues that are challenging for the regime, such as changing the ministers or not doing what the government is expected to do, in order to drag Khamenei into the ring, and force him to, once again, use his power of issuing Governmental Edict to correct the mistakes for the good of the regime…”

Revolutionary Guards said on Jahan Online that: “According to this plan, despite all the issues that they have with the spiritual leader and his moves, they continue to utter slogans in support of Khamenei and hide behind fake banners.”

Javan Online warned: “Therefore it is necessary for the politicians or other officials of the regime to correctly identify such slogans and the true nature of that current, distance themselves from it, and prove their practical allegiance to the spiritual leader. Undoubtedly, this current, which is referred to as the greater conspiracy, will question all achievements of the government in public.”




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