Ali Khamenei and the IRGC are under investigation for supporting the 9/11 plotters

May 16, 2011

U.S. Federal Supreme Court indictment: Ali Khameni and the Revolutionary Guard should be on the International Arrest Warrant wanted list for their support of the 11 September 2001 World Trade Centre attack.

According to exclusive information obtained by Iran Briefing, the United States of America Judicial System, in one of the most important cases in its history, will issue a verdict on Monday 16 May 2011. The case was brought by relatives of the World Trade Centre attack victims and more than 70 American, Iranian, British and Canadian lawyers have participated in its considerations. The case was made in response to the requests by relatives of the World Trade Centre attack victims. One of the lawyers involved in the case stated that over 5 years more than 36,000 hours have been spent on it.

An informed official has told Iran Briefing that the case considers the evidence of the National Committee on World Trade Centre attack including the witness statements of more than 120 political activists, journalists, researchers and terrorism analysts, as well as members of Al-Qaida, the Intelligence Ministry of Iran and the Revolutionary Guard, including well known figures of the Islamic Republic of Iran. In response to the collected evidence, which includes documents linked to Al-Qaeda, the testimonies of witnesses and secret communications of Al-Qaeda members, the United States Supreme Court Prosecutor has issued the final indictment of the case.

The case shows that the Islamic Republic of Iran government has been the biggest supporter and sponsor of Al-Qaeda after the World Trade Centre attack. The evidence is kept in 15 files containing more than 8,000 pages. Iranian financial support, the providing of refuge for Bin Laden’s family, the supply of military aid and arms to Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan, used to attack American forces, are among the accusations levelled against the Iranian government. In this case Ali Khameani, Iranian Supreme leaders, two former Foreign Affairs Ministers, Kharazi and Motaki, two Commanders of the Revolutionary Guard, General Safavi and General Jafari, as well as two Commanders of the Quads Forces, are among first to be held responsible.

It is important to note that some members of the Revolutionary Guard, including high ranking commanders who sought political asylum abroad, testified that the Revolutionary Guard provided Al-Qaeda members with military training prior to the 11 September 2001 World Trade Centre attack.

One of the lawyers involved in the case has told Iran Briefing that after 6 years of effort and hard work, the verdict will be issued through officials to the United States judiciary and media on Monday 16th May 2011, adding that two European countries tried to undermine the efforts and investigation committee in order to stop the investigation. Additionally, this lawyer stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran, in cooperation with another country, is also accused of the attempted kidnap of one of the members of the investigation team, an operation that was prevented by the  intervention of US Foreign Affairs and CIA personnel.

Iran Briefing will continue to report on this breaking news once the official announcement has been made.


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