Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Another Martyr from 14 Feb uprising: 22 years old Amir Tehranchi killed by regime forces

March 19, 2011

A month after Amir Hossein Tehranchi got killed on February 15th 2011, his picture is been published for the first time

Amir Hossein Tehranchi got killed on February 15th after he got shot by a bullet in Tehran. The Intelegent service agents stole his body and about nine days later he was buried in section 312 in Behesht Zahra cemetery. The news of his assassination at age 22 was announced by his friends, and they reported that: “that the intelligent service authorities have arrested his brother and threaten the family not to contact any media or news agency about his death. Even when they wanted to burry his body they were not allowed to see his face. The agents and security have buried his body in section 312. They informed the family if they talk about his death to any one, then their other son will have the same story and will be buried just like him.


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