Barbaric attacks to the prisoners in Gohardasht Prison in Karaj


In the last two weeks, particularly after the start of Ramadan, prison guards and members of IRGC have intensified their brutal attacks to the prisoners in Ward 6 of Gohardasht Prison in the city of Karaj, Democracy and Human Rights Activists in Iran, August 12.

The guards and IRGC members batter the prisoners while they attack their cells, take away their personal belongings such as food they have bought from the prison store, their telephone cards which they use in order to contact their families, their handicrafts which they produce and sell to earn a living, their floor coverings and curtains which they have bought with their own money from the prison store.

The guards also destroy some of the items they can’t take away. The attacks, ordered and supervised by Mohammad Mardani, the head of prison and his deputy, Khadem, and the prison’s security head and infamous torturer, Farajinejad, at times occur in the middle of night.

The above-mentioned individuals also smuggle narcotics into the prison and pass them on to prison mafias to sell to other prisoners. They have made astronomical revenues through selling drugs to prisoners.

On the other hand, the prisoners have been deprived of family visits for over a year.



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