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Breaking news: Execution of Ali Saremi and Ali Akbar Siadat

December 28, 2010

IRNA state-run news agency announced this morning:

“This dawn Ali Saremi a member of Monafeghin Terrorist grouplet was hanged this morning at Evin Prison on charge of ‘Moharebeh’ (staging war against God)”.

The political prisoner Ali Saremi who was hanged this morning by the henchmen of Velayat-e-Faghieh has spent about 23 years of his life in prisons and torture chambers of Shah and Clerical dictatorship. He was arrested because he had visited his son in Ashraf City (the place of resident of PMOI members in Iraq) and had attended the commemoration ceremony held at Khavaran for those who fall for freedom in the massacre of political prisoners in 1988, 30000 of them. He was then condemned to death.

Regime had announced that he was arrested because he had participated in Ashura Uprising of 2009 and thus was condemned to execution but he was arrested in 2007 in Khavaran and was in prison since.

The execution of Ali Saremi is a pathetic reaction of Khamenei to the heavy blows that he constantly receives from Iran’s resistance.

Keeping the PMOI in terror list of US due to US appeasement policy towards the clerical dictatorship while this allegation has been ruled our in high courts of Europe and a high court in District of Columbia has ruled that this listing has not gone under its due procedure and the Secretary of State must revise it, gives open hand to the religious fascism in Iran to execute PMOI members and supporters on the excuse of terrorism and ‘Moharebeh’.

We call on all international bodies to put an end to the human right violations in Iran and to send clerical regime’s record of violation of human rights to UN Security Council for taking decisive action against these crimes.

Ali Saremi was executed at Evin prison this morning, December 28 2010 along with another political prisoner by the name of Ali Akbar Siadat.

Part of Ali Saremis Speech at Khavaran Cementry. (Grave place where several 10000s political prisoners who has killed at the late 80s had been burid)
One of the reason Ali saremi got death sentece was this speech!!


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