Brigadier-General Bagher Afshar and his officers arrested in Qazvin while raping female students

Iran Briefing: We will establish security in Iran by sexual harassment 8  members of Iranian Law Enforcement Police arrested in Qazvin for allegedly raping dozens of female students.

According to the Azerbaijan news agency, police  officers of the 11, 12 and 13 Police Stations of Qazvin who were patrolling to enforce the Islamic dress code and moral security scheme, gang raped the female students who were deemed to be not  properly observing the Islamic dress code imposed by the Islamic Republic’s authorities on women.

While on duty, the officers stopped the cars driven by women who seemed to be not properly observing the Islamic dress code, and then transferred the cars into a parking known as Sherkat-e-Naft Parking (located in an abandoned region between Qazvin and Alborz Industrial Zone). The police officers threatened the victims , who were mostly female students, that they might get into trouble and would probably be sentenced to years in prison should the police prepare a report over the incident. Then the students started  begging  the police officers, asking them  to somehow solve the problem. The students, who were from different cities, were asked by the police officers to give their phone numbers, so that the police officers could solve the problems personally.  In following days, the police officers would call the students asking them to come to the parking lot where the cars were held, and began to rape them in the parking lot.

One day, one of the commanders of the Anti-Social Corruption Police incidentally went to the parking lot, and there he realized that a car belonging to the 12 Police Station is hidden under the parking lot’s bridge. He became suspicious and went inside the parking garage where he caught one of the officers raping a student. He then called the intelligence branch of the Qazvin’s Law Enforcement Police who subsequently  arrested the police officer. After he was arrested, he disclosed the names of seven other police officers  who were complicit in the incident. Preliminary investigation showed that 18 students were so far raped by this gang of police officers, which is being reportedly led by Brigadier General Bagher Afhshar. It was later known that the police have confiscated 2000 bottles of liquor from the house of Bagher Afshar.

Ironically, Qazvin’s Law Enforcement Police has not yet referred the case to the Qazvin Prosecutor’s  Office, and it has banned journalists from covering the news.


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