Christian converts arrested in Shiraz


At least 10 Christian converts were arrested on Wednesday in Shiraz at a residential home that was used as a church.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency reports that plainclothes forces raided the home where, according to HRANA, Christians gathered to observe religious practices and ceremonies.

The families of the detainees have not been able to ascertain their location and, so far, have not been informed of the charges against them.

Last Friday, a number of followers of the Baha’i faith were arrested at their homes in Shiraz.

Last month, in a raid on a church in Ahvaz, authorities arrested the pastor, Farhad Sabokrouh, his wife and the entire congregation.

The Islamic Republic does not recognize the Baha’i faith, and its followers face constant persecution in Iran. While the Islamic Republic recognizes Christianity as an official religion, Christian converts are not accepted and can even face the death penalty.

There are no clear statistics on the number of Christian converts in Iran, but the Open Doors organization reports that almost half of the Christians inside Iran are converts.

Source: radiozamaneh
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