Concern grows for health of Iranian opposition leader


Fatemeh Karroubi told the Jaras opposition website that she is greatly concerned about her husband’s health under house arrest, given that opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi is being treated by “physicians trusted by the state security services.”

She said the state is responsible for her husband’s well-being, and any possible outcomes “cannot be attributed to arbitrary forces.”

Last year, Mehdi Karroubi and the other opposition leader, MirHosein Mousavi, rallied supporters to march on February 14 in solidarity with the Arab uprisings. The two opposition leaders were put under house arrest along with their wives, but a few months ago, Mehdi Karroubi was transferred to a small apartment, and his wife has not been allowed to join him at his side.

Fatemeh Karroubi maintained that her husband is, in effect, under solitary confinement.

The opposition leaders have not been officially charged by the state, and human rights groups both within and outside the country have protested their arrest as an illegal act by any measure.

Faremeh Karroubi added that her husband is “more determined than ever and still stands by the people demanding reform of the current deviation,” adding that he is very optimistic about the future of the protest movement. She quoted her husband saying that though the “path is strenuous, people’s legitimate demands have deep roots, and as the society reaches political maturity, its future is bright.”

Source: radiozamaneh
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