Continued Unexplained Detention of Two Kurdish Citizens


The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran – A human rights activist told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that more than 50 days after Kurdish citizen Madeh Alavi Jani’s arrest and detention, his charges are still unknown.  After his arrest, Alavi Jani, a teacher from Saghez, was transferred from Saghez to the Sanandaj Intelligence Office on 7 June. He was returned to Saghez on 26 July. During a telephone call to his family, Alavi Jani told them that he has not been informed of any specific charges, nor presented with any valid evidence against him.

According to this source, another Kurdish citizen, Jahangir (Soran) Kasnazani, who was on active duty for his compulsory military service, was arrested by security forces in early July.  He has not contacted his family since his arrest and there is no information about his detention location.

Both Alavi Jani and Kasnazani are graduates of Zanjan University. Judicial authorities have refrained from providing any information about these arrests and the reasons for their continued detention.



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