Thursday, October 28, 2021

Critical condition of four Gonabadi Dervishes in Pyrbanan prison, Shiraz


Majzooban Noor – Four Gonabadi  Dervishes are  confined in very bad conditions in Pyrbnan prison , Shiraz

According to Majzooban Noor reporter , Mssrs : Farzad Darvish , Mohammad Ali Sadee , Mohammad Jalal Nikbakht and Hojjatollah Saeedi , who  have been arrested in Sarvestan county on  Oct 08 , 2011 (Mehr 16 , 1390),, after their  transfer to Pyrbanan prison in Shiraz , are deprived of their most basic rights such as nutrition, health care and Sanitary .

Tracing  investigation by their families to these Gonabadi Dervishes ‘s condition and transfering them to the AdelAbad prison in Shiraz has remained inconclusive untill now .

Pyrbanan is a prison where is special for addicted prisoners , dangerous offenders and Smugglers …

It should be noted that , Mohammad Ali Sadee  is one of the wounded dervishes who have been shot  along with Martyr  Vahid Banani  and  other two Gonabadi Dervishes   in the entry of Kavar county by the security forces in the evening of Sep 04 , 2011 ( Shahrivar 13 1390).

It is remarkable that , this  four Gonabadi Dervishes had been sentenced to imprisonment and flogging by branch one of Sarvestan’s Public Court on Jul 12 , 2011 ( Tir 21 , 1390).



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