Deaths and injuries in Kurdish regions of Iran

Wed, 06/29/2011

In recent days nine Iranian citizens in the border regions of Kurdistan Province have been killed or injured by Islamic Republic security forces.

Zamaneh’s correspondent reports that Jamal Ghaznavei, a trader in Oshnouyeh, was shot by security forces, and three other citizens injured in the same incident are currently in hospital. Several transport horses were reportedly killed as well.

In a similar incident on Monday in Sardasht, three porters were wounded and transferred to hospitals in Iraq.

Eyewitnesses report that in this case, government officials set fire to the goods and the beasts of burden consfiscated from the porters.

Kurdistan media also reported that two more porters in Baneh, Osman Banei and Zardasht Rahimi, were shot to death by Iranian security forces.

Porters in the border regions of Kurdistan carry goods on their backs, often without the help of any beasts of burden. They are hired by traders to transport goods across the border.

Human rights activists report that over the past two years, security forces have killed more than 150 Kurds in Iran’s border regions.



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