Friday, October 15, 2021

Details emerge on Iranian regime’s role in suppression of Syrian people

June 15, 2011

As more Syrian refugees arrive in Turkey, more detailed information regarding the participation of mullah’s regime’s Revolutionary Guards and Basiji forces in suppressing Syrian uprisings is revealed, Agence France Presse reported on June 12.

One of the refugees said: “I was completing my mandatory military service, and here’s my card showing completion of service. When we were in the streets of Dar’a, Damascus or other Syrian cities, I witnessed women and children demonstrating for their freedom. Among us were armed individuals dispatched by the Iranian regime and Hezbollah who were ordering us to fire into the crowd.”

Meanwhile, early Sunday morning, Syrian regime’s military forces attacked Jisr al-Shughur in the north, Aljazeera TV reported.

One of the refugees told Turkish NTV that when the attack on Jisr al-Shughur started, disagreements flared up among the soldiers and they clashed with each other.

In other news, during burial ceremonies of those killed by the Syrian regime, the rising people of Syria demonstrated against Bashar al-Assad’s government.



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