Disturbing reports from Ahvaz: 9 executed among them one minor- IHR demands international investigations

May 9, 2011

Iran Human Rights, May 8: According to the reports from Iran nine people, among them one minor, have been executed in the city of Ahvaz south of Iran.

According to the Persian section of Alarabiya (the news website of Alarabiya TV channel), Iran’s Judiciary has announced that nine people charged with murder of the security officers and committing acts against chastity, have been executed.

Quoting the website Ahvaz news, Alarabiya reported that three of the men were hanged in public in Ahvaz, while the other six were hanged inside the prison of Ahvaz. According to these reports one of those hanged in the prison was 16 years old.


According to Ahvaz news the nine men executed were identified as follows:

Three brothers identified as Ali Heydari (25), Jasem Heydari (23) and Naser Heydari (23) were hanged in public in the Hamidiyeh area west of Ahvaz. The executions took place on Thursday May 5th according to the report.

Six others who were hanged inside the Karoun prison of Ahvaz were identified as Amir Moavi, Ali Na’ami, Amir Badvi, Ahmad Naseri (22) and Hashem Hamidi (16 years).

All those executed had been arrested in connection to the unrests in April 2011 in Ahvaz, where several people had been killed in clashes between the security forces and the inhabitants of an Arab neighborhood in Ahvaz.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of the Iran Human Rights urged the world community and the United Nations to conduct an independent investigation on the reports regarding the executions and unrest in Ahvaz.



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