Dr. Khazali’s letter to his wife: “My tears and your tears will rip out the roots of oppression.”


Dr. Khazali wrote from prison to his wife on the 40th day of his hunger strike.

Following is the letter provided to Kalame, that Dr. Khazali wrote from prison to his wife on the 40th day of his hunger strike.

In the name of God the Merciful:

Greetings my beloved wife, my utmost love to you.
I know you have faith in the love between us, you know how I long to hear your angelic voice that whispers in the ears of my soul, energizing me with love and affection.

But I saw that your voice is exhausted. I felt your weariness and your sorrow. You were moaning as you were mourning for me.

It is distressing to see one’s wife and children mourn a slow death that is voluntary and self-imposed.

Now as I write you these lines I am immersed in my solitude, I have shed so many tears for you that there is not a dry spot left on my pillow, and there is no handkerchief big enough to wipe away these tears.

It feels good as I call my bunkmate below me and ask if I can borrow some paper to express my feelings. He gives me all the paper he has and says, “Write down all your longing heart’s desires.” But my tears keep pouring as they leave their footprints on this paper.

It is difficult, very difficult, when your wife and children mourn your slow and self-imposed death, when you are witness to the suffering you have imposed on them as they mourn for you. Restraint is difficult. It is impossible to not cry and weep for their sorrow and agony.

But you must be careful to not allow these tears and this love to turn into chains and shackles. No, these are the kind of tears that are shed for the Imam Hosseins and Zaynab Kobras of the world.

These tears cleanse the stomach that is digesting its resolve and determination. These tears will not make us lose our footing or deter us from us our path. These boiling tears are pure love of a wife and children who endure great suffering in the path towards justice.

May they all be sacrificed to Zeinab, peace be upon her, for are they more valuable than the prophet’s family?

My dear beloved, my tears and your tears that we shed today, like the weeping for Imam Hossein, son of Ali, should be the cause of more striving, effort and determination. They must become the two wings with which we fly to reach our rightful beloved. We must become the floods that shall uproot tyranny.
So come, let us shed our tears together. These are the tears that will rip out the roots of oppression.

Mehdi Khazali
Evin prison, Ward 350


Source: rahana

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