Five Ahwazi arab political prisoners are at imminent danger of execution in Iran

According to reports from Iran 5 prisoners are at imminent danger of execution in Iran.

Iran Human Rights asks for the immediate reaction of the international community. “International pressure is the only hope these prisoners have” say the spokesperson of IHR Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam.

Five Ahwazi Arab political prisoners at imminent danger of public hanging:

According to reliable sources from Iran, Five death row Arab political prisoners have been transferred out of their prison ward to an undisclosed location.

In March this yearIHR and other human rights organizations warned against execution of five Ahwazi Arab prisoners. Iranian authorities informed the families of five prisoners from the Arab-dominated Ahwaz province that their sons will be hanged in public “within days” for allegedly killing a security member and wounding another in 2011, a local human rights activist told Al Arabiya on Tuesday. The detainees include three brothers – Abdolrahman, Taha, and Jamsheed Haidari – and their cousin Mansour Haidari and Amir Moawya. They were arrested under anti-regime protests in Ahwaz in 2011 and were charged with the murder of a security member. Their families say the prisoners confessed to the murder under torture. International attention was probably the reason why they were not executed in March.

Source: Iran Human Rights

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