Ex-IRGC officer releases evidence about Mahsa Amini murder

New audio footage released by a former IRGC commander has provided further evidence that Mahsa Amini, the young girl whose death sparked an uprising in Iran, died due to blows to her head.

In the audio tape published on Youtube on Thursday, Mohammad-Bagher Bakhtiar, a former commander of the Revolutionary Guard during Iran’s 1980-88 war with Iraq, quoted informed sources at the Forensic Medicine Organization as saying that Amini died because of a “blow to her skull”.

According to Bakhtiar’s “reliable sources,” after she was transferred to Tehran’s Kasra Hospital and examined, evidence of internal bleeding and damage to her spleen was found. The spleen was removed to stabilize her condition, but her skull injuries caused her to fall into a coma and die.

He added that if the government had “common sense,” and accepted responsibility for this incident, “maybe they would have suffered less consequences”.

The former IRGC commander also accused the Iranian government of hypocrisy and called on the young people of Iran to unite against the regime.

Iran International had earlier published Mahsa’s skull CT scan which showed a bone fracture, hemorrhage, and brain edema.

An eyewitness told Iran International last week that Mahsa Amini had told her in a detention room that an officer had hit her on the head.

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